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53mm Sprung PRO Rubber Anti-Shock Gym Mats 53mm Sprung PRO Rubber Anti-Shock Gym Mats
53mm Sprung PRO Rubber...
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Our Sprung PRO tiles are a staple for all types of gym space and fitness activity. The wide choice of thicknesses (11mm to 63mm) allow gym users to select the ideal solution to support their workout style and level of activity whether it be a Yoga session or Olympic Weightlifting. AS INSTALLED IN This popular, quality assured collection ticks all the boxes when it comes to safety and top performance.  Slip resistant, ultra durable and constructed from the highest quality SBR rubber, our PRO tiles offer a maintenance-free, easy-fit floor solution for anyone on their fitness journey. PRO 53mm The best solution for Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit and other high impact activities, the PRO 53mm delivers superior shock absorption and maximum protection during hardcore workouts.  The ultra resilient SBR rubber also shields your subfloor from damage and significantly reduces sound from noisy training sessions.  All of our Anti-Shock tiles (43mm to 63mm) comes with a robust studded base which guarantees stability and endurance even with the toughest of workouts.  With it's in-built drainage system and ultra thick composition, it is even possible to use the tile system outdoors. All PRO tiles have a sleek, beveled edge in a deep, tonal black that complements all types of gym interior.  The series comes with matching accessories and recommended cleaning products meaning your gym flooring will remain as impressive as the day it was installed.  Find out more on the PRO Tile series - Click Here *Not a stock item - lead time for delivery 10-14 days* Features 4 Year Warranty against premature cracking and colour defects - Click Here 100% Recycled Premium SBR Rubber Odour Free - Binder adhesive is used which prevents strong odours REACH and CE Certified Simple DIY Installation - See our Fitting Guidelines - Click Here Superior Acoustic Isolation Easy Maintenance - See our Cleaning Guide - Click Here See a Case Study:   Product Dimensions 1000mm x 1000mm Thickness 53mm Shape Square Profile Bevel Edge with Stud Underside Maximum Weight Drop 300kg Applications Functional Training, Free Weights up to 300kg, Cardio & Strength, CrossFit Material Properties Tough Elastic, High Compression Resistance and Impact Strength Composition Recycled SBR Rubber granules from 70% truck tyres, bonded with PU Technical Specification Width +/-1% Length +/-1% Thickness +/-5% Dry Conditions ≤ 105PTV | PN -EN 13036- Wet Conditions ≤ 75PTV | 4:2004 Abrasion Resistance, mg ≤ 560 | PN - EN ISO 5470-1:2001 Tensile Strength, MPA ≥ 0.65 Elongation At Break ≥ 40 | PN - EN 12230:2005 Hardness 55 up to 75 | PN - ISO 868 PN-93/C-04206 Density 950 to 1,000kg/m3 | OTP 1168 PN-EN ISO 845 - 2010 Fire Classification Efl S1