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Find the Perfect Commercial Gym Flooring Today

Find the Perfect Commercial Gym Flooring Today

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Top-Rated Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring Solutions

Looking for the best commercial gym flooring? Anyone in the sports and fitness industry will know the complexities of choosing the correct gym equipment and commercial flooring solutions. Durable solutions which maximise the user experience while providing adequate protection, ergonomics, performance, safety and a long lifecycle. 

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We’ve simplified the selection process by handpicking the best commercial gym flooring solutions to suit all types of activity from Free Weight zones to Spin Studios.

From standard design commercial rubber flooring tiles to premium commercial gym mats with self-locking features as well as an exciting choice of colour and texture variations in many thicknesses/lengths, Sprung is the go-to supplier for all commercial fitness center flooring needs. 

Whether you're looking to fit-out a large sports centre gym, a high-end studio or simply upgrade your personal training facility, we've got your back.

Great product and service

Took us two days to lay out as we had uneven flooring to deal with but was well worth it!”


Matt S


Dartford Grammar School gym

“This company is really nice to deal with. Prompt and great customer service. Competitive pricing. Highly recommend.”


Chris W


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Awesome gym matting

Awesome gym matting, amazing, thank you. Loved by all using the weight area


Carla F



Guaranteed Quality and Protection for Your Commercial Gym


If you are looking for high-quality commercial rubber gym flooring at the most reasonable rates, check out our collection.

We have an extensive range of commercial gym flooring, which means we cover all fitness levels, usage and functions, as well as personal design tastes. 

For maximum safety and shock absorption, our rubber flooring is the best surface solution to withstand repeated impact from weights while protecting the body from injury.

Recognised for their durability and easy maintenance, our rubber gym tiles are a simple, effective solution for personal fitness and commercial use. They are available in a variety of colours, designs and thicknesses, as well as a four-year warranty.  Our wide range accommodates all fitness activities to enhance your workout space or facility.


Increased Functionality


Using different types of rubber flooring to create zones within a gym facility is a clever way of increasing functionality for your users.  Zones and stations can be created using bold colours or flecked designs to set apart a free weights section or separate different gym activities.  

You can use denser options for free-weight areas and lighter solutions for functional zones. A well-considered layout creates a more fluid experience for users and encourages your clients to explore different equipment and workout types.


Safety and Sound Reduction


Your client’s safety and enjoyment are key to return visits; therefore, optimal flooring safety is important. 

Our range of gym floor mats has excellent shock absorption and slip-resistant properties to prevent injuries, giving full protection against slips and falls.  Rubber also absorbs noise and vibrations, meaning less disruption to other users and surrounding areas.

High-Quality Flooring Aesthetic


Rubber flooring comes in various designs and colours. Choose from sleek black, which complements all coloured gym equipment and decor or opt for flecked tones to add texture and variation. 

Our rubber flooring solutions create a polished and professional look that will motivate and engage users.

Commercial Flooring FAQs 


Which flooring is best for a commercial gym?

Rubber flooring tiles or rubber roll matting is the best material for commercial fitness facilities because of the increased safety and protection as well as the ease of cleaning and maintenance.  To select the correct thickness, see our Flooring Thickness Chart which provides the best recommendations for different activities.  

What thickness is recommended for very heavy weights?

We recommend using a thickness of 43mm upwards for high impact weight training to ensure maximum shock absorption.  See 43mm, 53mm and 63mm tiles.

Do you sell gym flooring for home gym use?

We offer tiles and rolls for both commercial and home gym use.  The suitability of gym flooring comes down to the activity intended and the thickness of the flooring.  Both our home and commercial options cater for lightweight exercise, group workouts and high impact workouts.

What gym flooring do you recommend for sound reduction?

We suggest our Decibel Collection which comes in 3 thicknesses for optimal sound reduction and vibration control.

The best gym flooring is durable, shock-absorbing, safe and meets your need and those of your customers. Rubber mats are often the top choice due to their durability and anti-slip properties. They’re ideal for heavy equipment and high-traffic areas, which makes them a popular choice for commercial gym flooring. Plus, they come in a range of designs and thicknesses to cater to different requirements and design preferences.
Again, it depends on the nature of the workouts and equipment used. Lighter workouts might be fine with a lower thickness of around 11mm, but for intensive, high-impact exercises and heavy gym equipment, a thickness of 30mm or more may be needed. If you’re not sure about the thickness you need for your gym flooring, get in touch with our team, and we’ll guide you in the right direction.
Professional gyms often use high-quality recycled rubber mats due to their durability and shock-absorbing properties. These are able to withstand the impact of heavy weights and the wear and tear of high-traffic areas. Good quality mats provide a safe and effective surface for a huge range of workouts and exercises. Alongside this, they’re easy to clean and maintain, which is an absolute must for professional gyms.
The thickness of commercial gym flooring ranges quite drastically depending on how it will be used. The higher the thickness, the more absorption it offers. For lighter workouts and exercises, thinner gym flooring is used, but for heavy weights and high-intensity workouts, 30mm or 40mm thickness is recommended.
Yes, we sell a huge range of home gym flooring. We have a number of options, including rubber mats and interlocking tiles, all made with the same high-quality, durable and shock-absorbing materials as our commercial gym flooring options. Whether you’re converting the garage or a spare room or creating a dedicated outside exercise area, we’re certain we can help.

Got more questions about rubber gym flooring? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions and help you find the perfect flooring for your commercial gym. 

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