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EVA Foam Tatami Matting

EVA Foam Tatami Matting

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Shop Eva Foam Matting for Multi-Functional Use

Our range of Eva Foam Mats are multi-functional, ultra durable and come with a 4 year warranty guarantee against premature wear and colour-fade.

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Tatami Mat Features


These high protection puzzle mats can be used for specialist sports such as Martial Arts, Boxing and Gymnastics as well as fitness activities like Yoga, Pilates, Functional Training and Exercise equipment.  Eva Foam is also a material widely used in children's play areas because of its exceptional cushioning and protective qualities. Suitable for home gym fitness as well as commercial spaces, Eva foam is one of the most versatile choices for all-round fitness, specialist sports and leisure purposes such as play and gaming.  Eva foam mats work best indoors but can be transported outdoors in dry weather.


They ususally start in lower thicknesses for kids play mats (8mm to 13mm approx) and work up towards denser tiles for fitness and MMA such as 20mm and 40mm. Gymnastic mats will usually be around 40mm and above.

Colour Choice

Eva foam comes in a wide variety of bright or pastel colours such as bold green and yellow to create engaging play areas, or reversible dual options such as red/blue and black/grey for optional colour in your MMA studio. You can match your colours to suit your home decor, team colours or brand logo whatever the use or location.


One of the best things about our Eva foam mat options is that they are simple to install and easy to clean. The tile comes in a jigsaw shape profile which allows each mat to interlock together without the need for glue or special assistance with fitting. There is the option to loose-lay your tiles or adhere them to the subfloor after connecting them in the configuration you want. Many users like the option to move their tiles around and store them away when not in use while others prefer a more permanent set-up. Eva foam is anti-bacterial and easy to maintain and keep hygienic. The tiles are simply wiped down and will not absorb moisture which can cause mould and bacteria.

Main Uses

Eva Foam Tatatmi Matting for Martial Arts/Boxing & Gymnastics

Eva foam tiles are the go-to material for these type of disciplines because they have superior shock absorption and anti-fatigue capabilities. The closed-cell foam cushions and protects users from injury while performing high impact, high intensity moves. Furthermore, our Eva foam flooring also has a Tatami textured surface which prevents slipping and skidding while users train. Eva foam has the ideal level of traction needed for athletes to optimise their performance and master their technique.

Eva Foam for Fitness

An Eva foam mat is a great option for light to moderate fitness activities such as functional training, lighter strength training, Yoga and Pilates as well as supporting gym equipment although it is advisable to use a thicker Eva foam mat such as 20mm and above for this purpose.

Eva Foam for Play Mats

Children love to jump, bounce and tumble while they play indoors. They also love to make a mess! Eva foam tiles are one of the best play mat options on the market for protecting kid's from injury, preventing damage to your floors, while being low maintenance and simple to manage and move around (if loose-laid). Eva foam play mats will prevent skidding, sliding, hard bumps and falls while being soft and comfortable for young kids to crawl and explore on. Likewise, Eva foam play mats (suitable for indoors and moderate outdoors use) can create zones for different play areas within a larger playroom, support storage furniture and toys and adds a splash of colour and interest that kid's will love. Play mats made from PVC, rubber and artificial grass are also worth considering, however foam is the easiest option in terms of installation.

Other uses for Eva Foam

Aside from fitness purposes in home gym set-ups and commercial studios or play mats, Eva Foam is also popular for other uses. Eva foam matting is often used in horse stalls to protect livestock from injury as well as within some industrial and commercial buildings for additional safety as they prevent fatigue in workers who have to stand for long periods of time. Similarly, an Eva foam mat solution can be installed outdoors for temporary events and exhibitions as they are easily and quickly assembled and removed when needed.

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