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MMA Martial Arts Foam Mats

MMA Martial Arts Foam Mats

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Opt for Foam Floor Mats for Optimal MMA & Martial Arts Training

Our foam floor mats cover all the bases needed to perform effective Martial Arts training from maximum body protection, superior performance and excellent stability.

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Main Features of Sprung Foam Floor Mats

High Density Foam for Ultra Protection and Comfort

MMA training involves high intensity moves and heavy impact and therefore requires a high level of shock absorption and protection against injury. Our Tatami foam mats are made from Eva closed-cell foam, a type of foam which is renowned for its high density and cushioning properties shielding the body from injuries as well as providing a soft and comfortable surface to perform on for longer periods without premature fatigue or friction burn.

High Durability

Our foam floor mats are designed to withstand repetitive use, high traffic and heavy impact. If maintained well, our foam mats have a lifespan of 10 years plus meaning they will not discolour, tear or crumble prematurely. They also come with a 4 year warranty against premature wear, a testament to their superior durability.

Low Maintenance & Water Resistant

Foam floor mats are naturally low maintenance and do not require specialist or complicated cleaning regimes. Naturally water resistant, foam mats will not absorb moisture and can easily be wiped down or lightly mopped to keep them maintained.

Slip Resistance

An important aspect in any Martial Arts training is a non-slip surface. To perform at your best, MMA mats require to have some traction and grip. Our foam floor mats have a tatami textured surface which prevents skidding, slipping and allows some purchase for athletes to master their technique and get the most out of their training.

Colour Options

Our tatami, water resistant foam mats come in various designs and colours, some in reversible colour options so you can match colours to your team logo, brand or studio interior. Try red/blue or grey/black for the most popular options.

Simple Installation

One of the main benefits of our foam mats range is that they are interlocking and easy to fit DIY. This cuts out the cost of labour and allows you to configure your foam mats in any design and layout you want. They can be loose-laid for moving around and storing away later or they can be glued to the subfloor for a more permanent setup. Whether you have a home gym studio, a garage dojo or a commercial MMA gym, our foam floor mats are suitable for any location and are multi-functional. For example, these mats also work well for children's gaming and play areas.

Suitable Applications & Uses

  • MMA/Martial Arts Studios and Dojos

  • Home Gyms

  • Garage Gyms

  • Boxing Gyms

  • Fitness Studios

  • Gymnastic Centres

  • Play Centres


Do they come in multiple packs?

Many stores such as Amazon sell foam tiles that come in multiple packs but the best quality options tend to be sold separately (per tile). It is also easier to avoid buying too many. Your total coverage should also include waste (if you are covering the entire space and cutting around corners and edges).

Are foam mats soft?

Yes, our Eva mats are soft to the touch and kind to the skin.

Can I use Eva mats for other activities?

Yes, foam matting can be used for fitness, yoga, pilates, boxing, gymnastics and children's play. Some foam options are suitable for horse stalls and as safety flooring in factories and warehouses. We would recommend using rubber mats for activities that involve very heavy weights.

If you would like to find out more about our floor mat ranges feel free to get in touch regarding delivery, stock and collect options, explore our reviews, browse our rating results or order samples to test them for yourself.

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