Horse in a stable with safety matting

Horses are one of the most majestic animals on the planet. They can be used for various purposes in sports, agriculture and leisure. However, a horse needs to be well looked after and properly maintained which is where stable matting comes in. 


This article will discuss why stable matting is so important, the benefits of good stable matting and the different stable matting available on the market.

What is Stable Matting?

Stable matting is a type of surface, usually made from rubber or foam, that provides traction and support for horses in their stable. It helps to prevent horses from slipping and falling over due to wet surfaces. It also helps to keep the underfloor clean and free of dust and dirt irritating the animal’s skin. 


These horse mats can have alternative surface options providing different levels of support and cushioning for horses. Stable matting is important for horse safety because horses are naturally large and powerful animals and can easily injure themselves or even die in a fall.

Even if the horse doesn't suffer serious injury, it can still be traumatic and lead to health issues later. Most stable matting is non-slip and can provide extra traction and support to horses, helping them stay balanced and less likely to slip or fall. While horses can be trained to walk on various surfaces, the stability and cushioning provided by stable mats make it easier for them to adjust their footing.

What are the Different Types of Stable Matting?

The first step to ensuring your horse’s safety is to understand the different types of stable matting that are available. Here are some of the most common types:

  • Solid rubber stable mats - A solid rubber mat is popular among horse owners, as it offers excellent cushioning and insulation against the cold ground. These mats are easy to install and last for years when properly maintained. These heavy-duty mats are ideal for use in high-traffic areas such as stalls, walkways, and even arenas because they are slip resistant and suitable for areas prone to moisture.



  • EVA stable mats - Another popular flooring option is Eva stable mats due to their unbeatable combination of durability and comfort.  Eva stable mats are designed to provide an anti-slip surface that helps cushion any falls or slips. This reduces the risk of injury and helps keep horses calm and relaxed in their stable environment.

  • Open Mesh stable mats - This is a type of rubber mat in a mesh pattern that allows water to easily pass through.  These are popular mats for washing areas but are also used inside stables.

  • Studded stable mats - These safety mats are similar to anti fatigue mats used in industrial buildings for extra support to workers standing for long periods.  They are made from rubber with a studded surface for extra grip.  They don’t tend to come in thicker options like solid rubber mats so may not offer as much cushioning or durability.

These are just a few of the different types of stable matting that are available. Each type has its advantages and it may be that you opt for a combination of styles in your stables for various uses.

How Does Stable Matting Help Keep Horses Safe?

Some people may not consider the importance of stable matting for horse safety, but it is a very important factor in keeping horses healthy and comfortable. 

Here are five ways stable matting helps protect horses:

1. It reduces slipping and sliding

These mats provide a non-slip surface for the horse, reducing the risk of slipping and sliding on hard surfaces. This helps prevent injuries both inside and outside the stable. If horses are in a paddock or other open area, the mats provide grip and help keep them from slipping. The softer surface also reduces the shock of a horse’s hooves hitting the ground, reducing stress on its legs and body.

2. It helps protect against disease

Stable mats are designed to absorb moisture, which limits the spread of bacteria, viruses, and fungi between horses in the stable. This helps protect your horse from diseases that can spread quickly in a stable environment. Some rubber-stable matting products also have anti-microbial properties that help fight against the growth and spread of harmful bacteria. If you keep multiple horses in the same stable, having a good matting system can help reduce the risk of disease spread.

3. It offers insulation from the cold

An important feature of stable matting is its insulation. It helps protect the horse from cold weather by providing a buffer between the hoof and the cold surface underneath. This can make a huge difference in comfort for your horse, especially when temperatures drop in the winter months. Stable matting also aids in heat retention, helping to keep your horse warm even during the coldest nights.

4. It reduces noise from hoofs and shoes

Studies have shown that horses are more comfortable when their environment is quiet. Stable matting provides a cushioning effect from the impact of the horse’s hooves, which helps to reduce noise significantly in the stable. This can help the horse, and its handler feels at ease and minimizes distractions during training sessions or general time spent in the stable. When horses are kept in an environment with minimal noise, it is easier for them to focus and stay calm.

5. It provides comfort

As horses move around their stable, they need a comfortable surface to walk on. Stable matting helps cushion against hard concrete and stone surfaces, making it much more comfortable for horses to stand and move about in the stable. It also helps protect horses' hooves prone to bruising or tender feet. In addition, having a softer surface to stand on can help reduce stress in horses from standing for extended periods of time.


As you can see, having the right stable matting is an important part of keeping horses safe. It provides a non-slip surface, insulation from cold weather, noise reduction, and comfort for your horse. Investing in good quality stable matting will help ensure your horse stays healthy and happy for many years. 

Installation Tips for Stable Matting 

If you’re looking to improve the safety and comfort of your horse's stable, you may want to consider installing stable matting. Stable mats provide cushioning for your horses’ hooves and help prevent slips or falls. Here are some installation tips when it comes to setting up stable matting:

  • Measure carefully - Before purchasing stable mats, you should always measure your stall area carefully to ensure that you have enough material. It’s important to leave a few inches on each side for expansion and allow for some material overlap when attaching the mats together.

  • Purchase quality materials - Make sure you purchase quality materials for your stable matting. Look for mats made from durable and long-lasting materials such as rubber or PVC. These materials are designed to stand up to heavy use and provide a safe, comfortable surface for your horse’s hooves.

  • Clean the area first - Before installing your stable matting, clean the area thoroughly. Remove any dirt, debris, or other materials that could interfere with the installation process.

  • Use adhesive - Stable matting is often secured with adhesive to ensure a secure fit. Make sure you choose an adhesive specifically designed for rubber or PVC materials and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions when applying it.

Following these tips can help ensure that your horse's stable is properly equipped with stable matting and will provide a safe and comfortable place for your horse to rest. Stable mats are one of the best investments you can make in horse safety and will last for many years.

Main Benefits Of Stable Matting

Stable matting is an important part of horse care. Here are the main benefits of stable matting:

Simple to install

Stable matting can be installed quickly and easily, reducing the time it takes to get your stable up and running. Installing mats is also mess-free and requires minimal effort.


These mats are made from recycled rubber, making them an economical option for horse owners. They can create a safe and comfortable area in any environment, from enclosed riding arenas to paddocks. Unlike wood shavings or sand, these mats require minimal maintenance as they do not need to be changed regularly.

Heavy-duty and durable

The quality of the stable matting is important when it comes to your horse’s safety. Stable matting should be tough enough to withstand movement, abuse, and weather conditions. The best mats are made from heavy-duty rubber or durable plastic with a non-slip surface so your horse can move around without slipping or losing balance.

Easy to clean

The mats used in stable matting are designed to be super-easy, so you don't have to worry about bacteria or other dirt and grime lurking within the mats. Spray them down with a pressure washer or hose, and any debris will easily be removed.

These are just a few of the benefits of stable matting. It is essential to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your horse.


Overall, stable matting is an important and necessary component of any horse’s daily life and routine. Not only does it help to maintain the cleanliness of a stable, but it also serves as an important safety measure. Stable mats keep horses safe by providing cushioning for hooves and legs, protecting against slips and falls, absorbing shock from activity, and helping to alleviate stress from standing for long periods of time. By investing in quality, stable matting, horse owners are setting themselves up for success in the form of a safe, healthy, and happy equine companion.


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