Outdoor Sports Flooring

Outdoor sports and gym flooring allows you to create a multipurpose and versatile space for exercise and playing sports. Court tiles are suitable for a range of abilities and ages from professional players to outdoor recreational play. If you’re looking for an outdoor flooring solution that caters to different sports and uses, interlocking court tiles could be ideal. Let’s take a look at five ways to use outdoor sports flooring and how it could benefit you. 

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What is Outdoor Sports and Gym Flooring?

Outdoor sports flooring lets you create an outdoor athletic court. When looking at a solution for outdoor sports, you need to take the weather into account. This means you need something that is weatherproof and can handle changing temperatures and seasons. 

Rubber outdoor flooring tiles are an excellent solution for outdoor sports. The tiles are made from a durable hard plastic that can handle impacts, chemicals, changing weather, and prolonged exposure to UV without fading. When you take sports outside, the flooring needs to possess different properties than your standard indoor flooring. The wrong surface material might not cope in an outdoor setting. 

Outdoor Sports Flooring

Court flooring is made from hard plastic, making it extremely durable. With superior grip, modular tiles are easy to maintain and completely customisable. What’s great about outdoor court tiles is that they can be put together and dismantled easily. This means you can create portable sports courts in an array of colours and design. 

Outdoor Sports Flooring

Sprung’s Battle Outdoor Sports Interlocking Modular Tiles is perfect for both professional players and recreational sports. It delivers optimal comfort, safety and performance for users. The competition standard flooring solution is FIBA (International Basketball Federation) approved. Create a flexible and custom-built playing area to support your exact needs.  

Outdoor Sports Flooring

Benefits of Outdoor Sports Flooring 

If you’re considering investing in outdoor sports flooring, make sure you buy court tiles from a reputable brand that uses high-quality materials. Here are four benefits of outdoor sports flooring. 

Anti-Slip and Anti-Static 

Outdoor Sports Flooring


Outdoor sports flooring features a vented surface to allow for optimum water drainage. This decreases the risk of slipping after rain and allows water to drain fully from the surface. Court flooring features slip resistance and anti-static properties to create a safe space for sports.  

Easy Installation 

Outdoor Sports Flooring


Interlocking tiles snap into position, so there’s no need for any professional installation. The tiles easily lock together, which means you can quickly create a playing surface outside. Another key benefit of sports tiles is that they can be easily dismantled too. This allows you to build portable sports courts. 


Outdoor Sports Flooring


Outdoor sports flooring needs to be waterproof and have good water drainage properties. If water collects on the surface, it could be a big safety hazard and increase the risk of slips, falls, and injuries. Outdoor tiles are water and chemical resistant for safe sports.  

Shock Absorbent 

Interlocking tiles are made from a high-performance plastic that can withstand various high impact activities. Court flooring is ideal for both professional players and recreational use. This means that outdoor flooring is suitable for supporting the body’s natural movements while protecting the joints from high impact. A high-performance sports surface features a combination of shock-absorbing and anti fatigue properties with fantastic traction and slip resistance. When it comes to flooring for sports and exercise, it’s essential to choose a solution that has been designed with the body in mind. 

Creative Colours 

Outdoor Sports Flooring


Outdoor sports flooring comes in an array of colours to suit your brand or team. With several playful and complementary colours, you can create a court that matches your facility and taste. Sprung Battle Outdoor Sports Flooring is available in grey, red, blue, and green. Depending on the type of court you’re looking to create, you can play around with different colours to suit your needs. As the tiles interlock easily with one another, you can switch up your court design until you find a look that you love.  

5 Ways to Use Outdoor Sports Flooring 

You can use outdoor sports flooring in several ways in both fitness and non-fitness applications. Let’s take a look at five ways you can use outdoor court tiles in your next project. 

School and University Campus

Outdoor Sports Flooring


Court tiles are a great option for school and university campuses. The tiles are multipurpose so are suitable for creating a versatile space. This means you can play various sports in the same space safely. With the ever-changing UK weather, any outdoor flooring needs to be weatherproof, water-resistant and handle prolonged UV exposure without fading. 

Leisure Centre

Outdoor Sports Flooring

Leisure centres need to create versatile multipurpose spaces that serve the public and their members’ needs. Whether you’re looking to build a court just for basketball or want a surface that can double up as your tennis court or even volleyball, outdoor sports flooring is a great solution. 

Basketball Courts

Outdoor Sports Flooring


Sprung Battle flooring is a competition standard FIBA-approved flooring solution. It’s ideal for basketball courts at both a professional and recreational level; supporting plenty of jumping, dribbling, and running. Outdoor court tiles support the body’s natural movement and help protect the joints from repeated impact over time. When the floor doesn’t absorb the shock from sport or exercise, then your joints take the impact. 

Badminton and Tennis Courts

Outdoor Sports Flooring


Whether you’re looking to build tennis courts in your garden, a community space, or an outdoor setting in your gym, modular tiles can create a safe and high-performance playing surface. An anti-slip surface with good water drainage and air circulation is essential for badminton and tennis courts. Your playing surface should reduce the risk of falls and injuries to craft a safe foundation for sports. Players should be able to focus on the game and not worry about their footing.  

Outdoor Recreation Areas

Outdoor Sports Flooring


You can use interlocking outdoor tiles recreation areas like parks and children’s play areas. Recreational areas need to be safe for all ages and playing abilities. From children running around to a quick tennis game between friends, the playing surface should be anti-slip and water-resistant. When water collects on the surface or struggles to handle icy temperatures, this could create a potentially dangerous playing environment. That’s why it’s crucial to find an outdoor flooring solution that can tackle the changing seasons. 

Outdoor Sports Flooring


Outdoor court flooring comes in a variety of colours so you can match your team, facility, or brand to your court. With a smart interlocking system, you can save money on a costly installation. Badminton flooring cost will not be a problem anymore. You can easily find the floor that fits your budget. Simply snap the tiles together and dismantle again easily for a portable flooring solution. From basketball and volleyball to tennis and badminton, outdoor sports flooring has multiple applications. Whether you want to create a sport-specific court or build a multipurpose space for the community, outdoor modular tiles can help you achieve the look you’re after.

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