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Sprung Life Newsletter - 18th October 2023

Sprung Life Newsletter - 18th October 2023

Michael Geraghty |

Quiz Question: 

What is the term that describes the feeling marathoners get when their glycogen stores deplete around mile 20?
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Tweet of the Week: 

@SteveStuWill shares an insightful review of studies revealing how physical exercise can be more effective for mental health issues than counselling or medication.
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Join Kayleigh Koen Cycling for this 20m fat busting spin bike workout!  If you're bored of your stationary bike routine and are looking for a short, punchy workout, this is a great morning or evening session that will get you off the hot seat and onto HIIT street!
Screenshot 2023-09-07 14.51.08.png

Dose of Inspiration: 

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Spotted on Instagram: 

@josephjamespt talks simply about 'the journey' - the personal experience and relationship each of us have with fitness and wellbeing, how it is completely unique and always evolving. Most importantly why fitness is only effective when you come to a stage where you accept and enjoy it as part of your everyday life. (plus we ❤ his gym set-up!)

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1. Recipe:  

Try this Red Lentil Indian inspired Curry from Nisha at Rainbow Plant Life and your Monday night dinner just got colourful.  Creamy and low-fat, this simple guilt-free vegan dish is the perfect mid week supper served with steamed rice or mini flatbreads.

2. TV Show: 

Returning for a second season, top Netflix show The Bear is a character-rich, dark humoured dramedy about a group of food lovers trying to succeed in the Restaurant world.  Gritty, fast-paced with an equal measure of feel-good and poignant scenes, you'll love this Chicago based story with an excellent cast.



3. Podcast: 

Everyone has to deal with social anxiety from time to time but if this is something you struggle with on a regular basis Shrink from the Shy Guy may be your answer. It's a podcast from Dr Aziz (a time served social anxiety sufferer) packed full of chats, insights and solutions on how to overcome social awkwardness, self-doubt and master confidence.

What are We Listening To?: 

Embrace the Autumn vibe with this relaxed collection of seasonal tunes from Fenrik the Hatboy 
Screenshot 2023-09-11 08.17.22.png

Share your Gym Space: 

At first glance, World Gym doesn't look particularly exciting but trust us, it is a belter!
Aiya Napa holidayers swear by this tourist-friendly gym space with its emporium of world-class gym equipment and choice of kit.
Set over 3 floors, the gym has all the latest Nautilus machines, hoists, leg and chest presses, bikes and every type of Cardio bit of kit plus a massive range of weights.
The inclusive and super-friendly training space is a hot-spot for travellers and holiday-makers who enjoy a vacation workout.
Fun, fresh and full of flavours, there's something for everyone at World Gym.
get pro 30 (3).png
(Each week we highlight an inspiring Gym Space to spark ideas for your Fit HQ, send us your Inspo!)


Imagine enjoying sports in your back garden, all year round.  Our all-weather Modular Court Tiles gives you unlimited access to a professional sports surface in all seasons and with no requirement for specialist installation.  Grab 20% off Basketball, Futsal, Football, Tennis and Netball court tiles.
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