Sprung Life Newsletter - 27th September 2023

Sprung Life Newsletter - 27th September 2023

Tweet of the Week: 

@HealthMindHabit demonstrates the leg moves we make in a gym visit are identical to the ones we carry out during a Home Workout. Check out these 4 key exercises you can do at home with basic kit.
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Get Limited Edition Flecked Gym Tiles in ArcticFrost or NightStone for just £19.95m2! These premium flecked tiles come in 2 neutral Greys and are a versatile 20mm thick (suitable for medium to high impact workouts).
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5 Min Plyometric HIIT Workout from The Live Fit Girl is a short explosive workout for Plyo newbies.  It's beginner friendly, fires up your metabolism and introduces you to the basics of Plyo work through some no nonsense Cardio.  Believe us, 5 minutes is all you need!
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Attention PT's! We're always looking for great Workouts and tips. Send us your workout videos (we have an audience of 50k +) and we'll share in our Newsletter, Socials and Website)


How many racing lanes are in an Olympic Swimming Pool (not including practise lanes)?
(Win a FREE Sprung Mug and Resistance Band set by sending us your answers to info@gym-flooring.com)

Dose of Inspiration: 


Spotted on Instagram: 

Look at this amazing Garage Gym transformation from @the_jolly_Reno  (and of course, those Gym Tiles look awesome! )

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1. Recipe:  

Packed with taste and texture, this Pesto, Roasted Veg and Butterbean salad from @rebelrecipes is perfect for a light dinner with some flatbreads on the side. Top Tip: Add a few Cherry Tomatoes for some extra tang.

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2. Article: 

The Enjoyment Gap from HCM Magazine - Insightful read on why men enjoy physical exercise more than women (recent studies have revealed) and pinpoints methods of closing this gap such as the recently launched campaign implemented by Sport England, 'This Girl Can'.

3. Kit: 

This versatile resistance kit is a compact, lightweight tool for anyone wanting to give Pilates a go but doesn't want to invest too much on expensive kit.  It comes with a bar and attached foothold resistance bands for all types of toning and Pilates workouts at home. 

What are We Listening To?: 

Morning Music from Lofi Hip-Hop Nostalgia - a blend of chill anthems and old-skool upbeat hip-hop to start the day on a high.
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Share your Gym Space: 

There's not a whole lot that The Compound, Cardiff doesn't have.  This open-plan factory floor style Strength & Conditioning Gym offers a complete fitness package from top drawer, varied equipment and private Workspace (for those last minute emails), WOD Room, Changing areas and Showers as well as an on site Shop and Cafe. 
Newly introduced is their Compression Therapy zone for users with long-standing injuries and inflammation.
With Group Classes, 12 Squat Rack Stations, Rigs, a huge choice of Machines plus an Outdoor Training space this fully equipped fitness farm ticks all the boxes.
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(Each week we highlight an inspiring Gym Space to spark ideas for your Fit HQ, send us your Inspo!)

Send us your Favourite Recipes, Workouts, Playlists and Recommendations and we'll feature you in our Newsletter with a 50,000 + following.

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