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Home Gyms and Why You Need One

Home gyms

Richard McKay |

Today, more people are interested in health and fitness than ever before in any other generation. With the rise of health awareness, gyms continue to pop up everywhere. For many, a traditional gym does not offer the workout flexibility they desire.

As such, many fitness lovers choose to create a home gym space that works for their specific workout needs. Keep reading to learn more about the rise of home gyms in the UK, the benefits they provide, and how to get started creating your home gym space.

Table of Contents

  1. Home Gyms on the Rise
  2. Benefits of a Home Gym
  3. How to Create a Home Gym
  4. Choose a Space
  5. Renovating the Space
  6. Choosing your Gym Equipment
  7. Get Into Action

Home Gyms on the Rise

Throughout the world, more and more fitness enthusiasts are opting to create home gyms. Specifically, after the COVID-19 pandemic, people began to get accustomed to working out at home when gyms were shut down. According to a Global Data survey, over half of UK consumers have started home workouts after the lockdown in March of 2020. Of those surveyed, 76% said they would continue to do home workouts after the pandemic.

home gym 1

Many of these people either did not exercise before or exercised at a traditional gym. The COVID-19 pandemic also raised awareness of the importance of regular exercise for good general health.

Benefits of a Home Gym

girl with hex dumbbells

Having a gym within the comfort of your own home offer many benefits. Some of these, you may not have even considered. Advantages of owning a home gym include:

  • More likely to stick to a regular fitness routine
  • Save time without transportation to and from a fitness facility
  • Freedom to exercise at any time of day and not confined to gym hours
  • Equipment is always available and not in use
  • Cleaner, less risk of COVID-19 and other viral illnesses from shared equipment
  • Privacy to work out and relax in your own environment
  • No need for childcare

These are just a few of the many reasons that gym goers benefit from creating a home gym space. Even if you have a small home, there are many creative ways to create a workout space, such as within your garage. Garage gyms offer the perfect solution if you don’t have an extra bedroom to spare.

rubber gym tiles

How to Create a Home Gym

At first, creating a home gym may seem overwhelming. However, it's pretty manageable when you take the process step by step. Check out these basics steps to get started creating your perfect home gym:

Choose a Space

 First, you’ll need to identify a space in your home to use for your home gym. Depending on the size of your home, you may have multiple options to use as your workout space. Keep in mind how much equipment you’d like to have and how much space you’ll need to accommodate it. Also, as you work out, you’ll want a place with good airflow and ventilation (fans, etc).

Renovating the Space

 Before adding equipment to the space, you may need to make some adjustments to the existing space. One important aspect to consider is the flooring. Flooring can make a big difference in your workout space. Many options for a home gym or garage gym flooring are available. For example, the Home Gym Rubber Flooring collection offers style and durability.

We also offer a flooring collection specific to garage gyms, focusing on shock absorption. Available in many styles, colours, and thicknesses, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to choosing garage gym flooring. If you plan on incorporating lots of exercises with free weights, check out these free-weight flooring optionsThese include HD rubber rolls and tiles, designed specifically for heavy impact activity.

Choosing your Gym Equipment

Consider all of the equipment you need for your preferred workouts. You may not be able to fit everything in a small space, so consider the equipment that has multiple uses, like bands or cables. You may need to do some research and get creative when it comes to home workouts. Another idea is an incline/flat bench, which can be used for various exercises. Also, consider other equipment you will need in the room that is not directly workout equipment. This includes a water dispenser, towels, TV or audio equipment, and possibly mirrors.

gym equipment

Get Into Action

Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to get started making it happen. After you’ve ordered and received materials, set aside time to slowly make your project come to life. Some people choose to hire professional help through local contracting services to help create a home gym. For smaller projects, you may be able to do it yourself.

Getting Started

Make the first move to creating a personalized home fitness space you love today. Soon, you’ll have a flexible space that you can enjoy any time while saving time and encouraging consistency to your fitness goals.

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