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Rubber Matting - Fleckz

Rubber Matting - Fleckz

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Shop Rubber Fitness Matting for Max Performance & Safety

A firm favourite with gym and sports enthusiasts, our rubber fitness matting combines superior quality with colour choice and wide ranging functionality across the board. 

Our durable Rubber Matting range protects your subfloor from damage caused by heavy equipment, free weights and functional training activities.  Let's look at the many benefits of rubber matting rolls and tiles and why it one of the most popular choices for gym flooring.  We will also explore other types of gym matting and there best uses to give you a complete picture of what products we can offer.

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Anti Slip and Anti Fatigue Gym Matting

It is important to invest in a non-slip and anti-fatigue gym flooring solution for any fitness facility or home gym.  Our rubber sheet flooring and rubber mats are finished with a surface treatment that allows for good traction and grip.  This prevents users from slips and falls and enhances performance.  Similarly, if gym users are training for prolonged periods of time, the surface requires to be ultra comfortable and shock absorbent.  Our EPDM rubber is constructed from high quality, recycled rubber tyres that are finished with ergonomics and protection as the most important factors.  Shock absorbency is essential for protecting athletes and gym users from injury to their ligaments and joints.  The additional cushioning provided by our heavy duty rubber matting or rubber tiles absorbs impact and minimises the risk of stress or trauma to the body.  Likewise, rubber matting shields your subfloor from damage which can occur with heavy weights and repetitive impact.

Maintenance Free Gym Matting

Our rubber flooring rolls are virtually maintenance free and have an approx lifecycle of 10-15 years.  Rubber is resistant to moisture, staining and abrasions.  This means there is no risk of dampness, mould and dirt build up.  There is no concern over staining and costly repairs or expensive upkeep unlike some gym flooring alternatives.  Using a neutral cleaner, your rubber flooring can be easily mopped or wiped down and vacummed when necessary.  Keeping your home workout space or commercial gym sanitary is essential for hygiene and safety purposes so having a easy cleaning gym floor solution is key.

Acoustic Gym Matting

Noise and vibration control is important in busy commercial gyms, garage gyms and home gym spaces.  Gym flooring rolls and rubber tiles are excellent at reducing sound and vibration from active gym equipment and weights while at the same insulating your space from draughts and preventing heat reduction.

Coloured Gym Matting

There is nothing quite like a slash of colour or pattern to your home gym or studio and that is where Fleckz comes in.  Our Fleckz rubber gym flooring collection offers both gym matting roll and gym tiles with EPDM rubber flecks in 6 colour variations.  Colour is said to evoke positivity and energy which is why you should consider adding coloured tiles into the mix.  Some customers opt for mainly Black with a specific section in Fleckz or create their own pattern across their space.  Being creative with your gym design adds your character and signature to the overall look, a real boost for the workout days ahead.

When it comes to Rubber Matting, there are some common questions asked:

Rubber Matting or Rubber Tiles?

When deciding on the best gym flooring format to use, there are few key things to consider before making your choice.  Firstly, take into account the size and shape of your space.  If you have a fairly large area or an awkwardly shaped space, rubber flooring rolls are a good option.  They will reduce waste and the installation time.  Rubber gym mats also work well in these type of spaces so it really comes down to personal preference, how long you have to fit the flooring and budget.  Another factor to think about is Installation.  We provide full user-friendly guidelines for installing your gym flooring, however rubber matting is slightly more challenging than rubber tiles due to the weight and scale of the roll.  In some cases, it can be helpful to get a specialist fitter to carry out the installation for you.

Synthetic Rubber V Natural Rubber - What is the Difference?

Natural and synthetic rubber have a lot in common, but there are a lot of differences as well. If you’re wondering what sets them apart, we’ve got you covered.   Natural rubber is naturally derived. As the name suggests, natural rubber is, well, natural. Latex is formed when the sap of the rubber tree dries out, which can then be used to create the rubber material used in the manufacturing of many products, including rubber flooring. Synthetic rubber is made from chemicals. Instead of being sourced from the earth, the synthetic rubber that is used for rubber flooring is manmade in an industrial setting. It is able to be created through different combinations of chemical compounds which means that there are many varying kinds of synthetic rubber that can be produced. Some common examples include neoprene, silicone, and nitrile.  Synthetic rubber is more common. It is easy to produce, and there is no shortage of the materials used in its manufacturing. On the other hand, natural rubber relies on rubber trees' growth, which means that there is a limitation to how much can be harvested. The result is that a lot of the rubber on the market is actually synthetic since there is a more accessible supply.  Additionally synthetic rubber is far more robust and durable which is why it is chosen for products such as flooring.

Does Rubber Flooring Smell?

The answer to this is yes but it can be minimised to make it virtually odourless.  We source suppliers who use an adhesive in their rubber flooring composition (Binder) which eliminates bad odours.  If you detect a smell from your rubber matting, the odour tends to abate over a matter of days anyway.

Where can I Use Rubber Matting?

Commercial Gyms

The most common place to use rubber matting is a commercial gym facility.  You will notice rubber floor mats installed in areas such as Spin Studios, Cardio areas and functional fitness zones where there are rows of gym equipment that require support.  Gym Matting does an excellent job of creating a base for heavy machines that vibrate and have movement.  Free Weight zones, Crossfit and Circuit Training also use rubber gym tiles to provide shock absorbency to users.  Many commercial gym owners opt for a mixture of patterns and coloured gym flooring to make clear, defined sections for each use.

Home Gyms

Working out at home can be quite convenient, but it does have drawbacks. Most flooring in our homes is not designed to withstand heavy exercise equipment. Machines or weights can scuff your floors or even crack floorboards. Your floors may not provide a comfortable surface to exercise on. Hardwood provides very little shock absorption, and carpets do not offer enough traction to prevent slips. You can always use a yoga mat, but this limits your exercise space.   If you intend on exercising at home regularly, you might consider building a home gym in a spare room or in your garage or garden. Wherever you build your gym, installing rubber matting, gym tiles or foam mats is the most effective way of protecting your body from injury while getting the most out of your workouts.

Children’s Play Spaces

Whether you have a baby who is just learning to crawl or walk or young kids who love to run, jump, and climb, you want your little ones to be able to play safely and still have fun. Having a space set aside just for them allows them to explore and be independent without risking serious injuries. Whether inside or outside,  gym matting tiles can provide peace of mind while your children play. Foam jigsaw matting tiles, like those in a nursery, can be used in indoor playrooms to help prevent slips and cushion falls while kids are playing. If you have climbing equipment in your garden, we offer outdoor rubber tiles that can be placed underneath swing sets and jungle gyms to create a safer environment for play. Both options are affordable and easy to install yourself.

Gardens and Patios

Outdoor rubber tiles are not limited to use under your child’s climbing equipment. If you’re looking to create a space where you can enjoy sitting in your garden in nice weather or host friends for a barbecue, you can also use interlocking rubber tiles to create a patio. This will provide a flat surface where you can comfortably sit at tables and chairs, and you don’t have to worry about the ground under the furniture becoming muddy every time it rains. Should you happen to drop a wine glass or plate, the shock-absorbent rubber surface will help prevent it from shattering. For a modern, functional garden look, outdoor rubber tiles look fantastic as opposed to traditional paving or slate tiles.

Stables & Equestrian Centres

Rubber Matting is one of the best surface materials to use for horse stables.  To ensure the safety and comfort of horses and other animals, the stable flooring requires to be non slip and anti fatigue.  Our rubber Stable Tiles have the traction and durability required to withstand heavy weights while preventing slips and accidents.  Stables can be wet and mucky and a heavy duty, slip resistant tile is an excellent solution for keeping animals and people free from the risk of injury.  Similarly, the easy maintenance of rubber stable tiles is beneficial and cost effective unlike other stable surface materials that require consistent upkeep.

Industrial Units

An essential aspect of a Warehouse or factory building is safety due to the level of traffic and activity in these type of spaces where there is alot of machinery and working with loads and at heights.  This is where safety flooring comes in.  There are many types of safety flooring and rubber tends to be the go-to material in terms of health and safety.  Our heavy duty Anti Shock and Outdoor Tiles are super multi-functional being used in a number of applications from Gyms and Garden Patios to Marquees and Hot Tub Mats as well as Industrial Units.  Our anti fatigue matting is the perfect floor solution for active, busy factory sites where users are standing for prolonged periods of time.  They prevent tension and strain to the muscles and joints as well as protecting the concrete underfloor from damage caused by spills and heavy machinery.


School playgrounds and recreation parks opt for rubber surfaces to support climbing equipment as it provides the best protection for children at play.  Our Playground Tiles have optimal shock absorbency, are critical height approved and have a non slip surface to prevent slips and falls.  Another benefit of using rubber playground mats is the high durability and easy maintenance factor.  With a long lifespan, rubber flooring can endure heavy traffic, repetitive impact and weighty equipment while remaining easy to keep clean.


If you would like to discuss our gym matting options in more detail, feel free to get in touch for some advice or order FREE samples to try out different options.

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