Home Gym Flooring With Top-Rated 5-Star Reviews

We treat the needs of our existing as well as our prospective customers as a priority, which is why we invest a lot of time in identifying and sourcing high-grade home gym products that are sourced responsibly and will stand the test of time. Our positive customer reviews reflect our attention to detail when it comes to product quality and durability. 
Whether you are looking for a yoga mat for light at-home workouts or a complete gym flooring system, our great range of products has you covered.



First-class product and service


Very good quality product and A* customer service from Richard, who helped me to pick how many tiles I would need, as well as advice on how to effectively lay, having shown him my space. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to build a gym.


Tom B 



Great flooring for garage gym and utility room


Used in the garage for part gym, part utility room. We wanted something that we could park on occasionally but mainly used for gym equipment and workouts. Impressed with the quality but need a very sharp blade to cut through as quite thick. With a bit of patience to fit, we’re very impressed.


Mark G


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Thrilled with my purchase


I bought this for my home gym and started using it. It is great for absorbing impact from cardio workouts as well as using weights on it. I also do not need floor mat to do a floor workout like sit-ups and planks. It looks great and non-slippery and extremely easy to install. Overall perfect for my needs.



Onay D




Home Gym Flooring Options

Home gyms have become increasingly popular over the last three-four years, with many of us creating a workout space in a spare room, garage or dedicated gym hub in the back garden. No longer is a yoga mat and a dumbbell in the corner of the living room adequate for a consistent fitness routine. Wherever you have decided to build your home gym, we have a wide range of home gym flooring options to suit all levels of fitness and weight capacity. 


PRO Home Gym Rubber Tiles

The PRO rubber gym mat collection is constructed from recycled SBR rubber and is available in thicknesses from 11mm (low impact) to 30mm (moderate to high impact). 

With superior shock absorption and a non-slip surface, this standard range protects the body from injury during a home gym exercise, absorbs impact from heavy weights and heavy equipment and protects the subfloor from damage.









Home Gym Anti-shock Tiles

An extension of our PRO tile range, the AntiShock collection is designed for high-intensity workouts and weight drops from 200kg to 350kg. In thickness options ranging from 40mm +, this home gym flooring solution isolates sound and reduces noise and vibrations from intense workouts. 

Another great benefit is that these water-resistant mats have a studded understructure and built-in drainage, so they can also be used for outdoor use as well as indoors.

Konnecta Interlocking Tiles for Home Gym

Interlocking tiles are an efficient and time-saving method of installing home gym flooring. Our Konnecta gym mats range comes with hidden plastic inserts that join each mat together for maximum stability.
The deluxe range has an extra soft surface and is available in various colours and designs.


High-Density Eva Foam Gym Mats

Popular for disciplines such as Martial Arts and Boxing, our EVA Tatami foam gym mats are another fitness floor alternative that offers anti-slip properties and superior anti-fatigue qualities. 

The textured mats allow for extra traction, while the deep-cushioned core supports the body during all types of workouts.  


Rubber Gym Flooring and Gym Floor Mats FAQs

Is rubber flooring good for gyms?
Absolutely! Rubber flooring is ideal for all types of gyms. High-quality rubber flooring, like our rubber mats, are high-durable, shock absorbent and can withstand heavy weights. Plus, their anti-slip properties make them a safe choice for all sorts of exercises, including bodyweight exercises and high-intensity workouts.
What is the best thickness for gym rubber flooring?
The best thickness for your gym rubber flooring depends on your workout needs. For lower-impact workouts for yoga or pilates, thinner rubber mats from 11mm are usually perfect. For higher-impact workouts, or you use heavy equipment like a weight bench, you'll need a thickness of around 30mm. For maximum impact, we'd recommend 63mm anti-shock tiles.You can track your order by logging into your account and navigating to the order tracking section.
Can I put rubber flooring over concrete?
Yes, you can install rubber gym flooring over concrete. Our gym flooring mats can be easily cut to size and installed on all surface types, including concrete. The best bit? You can fit them using compression or adhesive without needing any specialist help.
What type of rubber is best for gym flooring?
The best rubber for gym flooring and gym mats is high-quality recycled rubber. It offers the best durability and can last for years without needing to be replaced. Plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain.
What's the best flooring for a home gym?
The best gym flooring for your home gym will depend on the type of workouts you do and, of course, your preference. That said, our rubber flooring options, like our PRO rubber gym mats, are a popular choice across the board for their durability and shock absorption. If you're not sure which rubber flooring is right for you, we're more than happy to guide you in the right direction.
What should I use for gym flooring?
When it comes to gym flooring, you've got a lot of choices. Rubber flooring is the go-to choice for many customers as it's durable, versatile and resistant to wear and tear. But it all depends on your needs. For example, if you're into martial arts or boxing, you might prefer our EVA Tatami foam gym mats.




Got more questions about rubber gym flooring? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions and help you find the perfect flooring for your home gym. 

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