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Sprung Konnecta Snowflake Premium Self-Locking Gym Flooring Mat - 20mm Sprung Konnecta Snowflake Premium  Self-Locking Gym Mat - 20mm - GymFloors
Sprung Konnecta Snowflake Premium...
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With a unique self-locking feature, Konnecta is Sprung's Premium tile solution for professional gym and training areas. The Konnecta tile is formulated from quality heavy-duty rubber, has a simple assembly and offers maximum structural support (the tiles remain in position) during high impact activity. AS INSTALLED IN Create a nice, light environment with the newest addition to our Konnecta range.  Our Snowflake tile is 100% EPDM that is made up of 80% Light Grey and 20% Mid Grey to create this unique flooring option. Unlike cheaper alternatives, we only use Binder (adhesive) which allows for an odourless rubber. NOTE: FREE PLASTIC CONNECTOR PIECES COME WITH TILES All tiles come with a 4 year guarantee against premature cracking and colour defects.  Applications CrossFit, Functional Training, Strength & Conditioning, Medium to Heavy Weights Installation Please click the link here for an easy guide to fitting our Konnecta tiles. Connector pieces (hidden) are inserted underneath each tile to securely interlock them together, keeping them in place.  The tiles can also be loose laid or glued using adhesive.  The rubber can be cut to size using a utility knife. Sub-floor The sub-floor requires to be level, firm and dry. Cleaning Depending on traffic, the tiles can be kept clean by a standard vacuum cleaner and damp mop. Cleaning machines can be used but should have the correct pads for rubber flooring to prevent abrasion. A pH neutral cleaner with warm water should only be used and not solvent-based detergents. Newly installed floors would benefit from a degreaser in the first few weeks. For maintenance guidelines, please See cleaning & maintenance guidelines . Product Dimensions 1000mm x 1000mm Thickness 20mm Colour(s) Light Grey Shape Square Profile Bevel Edge and Square Studded Underside with Holes for Connector Pieces Installation Plastic Connection System Maximum Weight Drop 140kg Applications Functional Training, Free Weights up to 140kg, Cardio & Strength, CrossFit Material Composition 70% Recycled EPDM Rubber & 30% Recycled SBR Rubber Technical Specification Width + 4mm Length + 4mm Thickness + 2mm Bulk Density Toplayer Approx 1400kg/m3 Bulk Density Sublayer Approx 1000kg/m3 Shock Absorption 61% | EN 14808 Head Injury Criteria (HIC) Test 1.3m | EN 1177 EU Fire Classification E F1 Vertical Deformation 5.0mm | EN 14809 Thermal Resistance 0.16m2.K/W Sound Insulation 21dB Reduction