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Senior Care Fall Impact Reduction Rubber Safety Flooring 40 mm Sprung Rubber AntiShock Gym Flooring Tile - GymFloors
Senior Care Fall Impact...
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Senior care safety tiles, also known as elderly care safety tiles or senior-friendly flooring, are specialized flooring tiles designed to enhance safety and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries for seniors in care facilities or homes. These tiles provide several features and benefits specifically tailored to the needs of elderly individuals. AS INSTALLED IN Product Details Size: 100cm x 100cm Thickness: 43mm Colour: Black Material: Recycled SBR Rubber Sold individually *Not a stock item - lead time for delivery 10-14 days* Product Features  - Slip resistance: Senior care safety tiles are designed with a slip-resistant surface to provide traction and prevent slips and falls. The naturally textured surface increases grip, even when the floor is wet. - Features built-in drainage channels to the underside for ultra stability and moisture control. - Compatible with Underfloor Heating. - Impact absorption: These tiles are constructed with SBR rubber that offer cushioning and impact absorption, reducing the risk of injuries from falls. The tiles have a dense core that provides a softer landing surface compared to traditional hard floors. - Anti-fatigue properties: Our Senior care safety tiles have anti-fatigue properties, which can help reduce leg and foot fatigue experienced by seniors who may spend a lot of time standing or walking. This can provide added comfort and support for elderly individuals with reduced mobility or conditions that affect their balance. - Easy maintenance: Our senior care safety tiles are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. They are resistant to staining, mold, and bacteria growth, making them hygienic and suitable for healthcare settings. The tiles also have strong stain resistance and an antimicrobial coating to promote cleanliness and sanitation. - Wheelchair accessibility: Senior care safety tiles accommodate wheelchair users and are compatible with all walking aids. They may have a smooth surface to facilitate wheelchair movement providing low rolling resistance and stability for easier mobility. - These tiles can be dressed with area rugs to tie in with the room design or add an extra layer of comfort. This combines both aesthetics and the safety feature of the tile. Product Dimensions 1000mm x 1000mm Thickness 43mm Shape Square Profile Bevel Edge with Stud Underside Maximum Weight Drop 250kg Applications Functional Training, Free Weights up to 250kg, Cardio & Strength, CrossFit Material Properties Tough Elastic, High Compression Resistance and Impact Strength Composition Recycled SBR Rubber granules from 70% truck tyres, bonded with PU Technical Specification Width +/-1% Length +/-1% Thickness +/-5% Dry Conditions ≤ 105PTV | PN -EN 13036- Wet Conditions ≤ 75PTV | 4:2004 Abrasion Resistance, mg ≤ 560 | PN - EN ISO 5470-1:2001 Tensile Strength, MPA ≥ 0.65 Elongation At Break ≥ 40 | PN - EN 12230:2005 Hardness 55 up to 75 | PN - ISO 868 PN-93/C-04206 Density 950 to 1,000kg/m3 | OTP 1168 PN-EN ISO 845 - 2010 Fire Classification Efl S1