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Our biggest Hex Dumbbell set gives you or your clients the opportunity to do intensive training efficiently in every area.

They are an ideal solution for a comprehensive home or garage gym or in a commercial setting.  

Hex Dumbbells are solid and professional with a rubberised six-point load and an ergonomic grip meeting the expectations of demanding players.

Due to the hexagon dumbbell construction, the dumbbells do not move during training and the durable  hex rubber provides optimal cushioning while minimising noise even when working with very heavy loads.

The ergonomic handle with milled protrusions prevents the hex weights from slipping in the hand allowing for complete comfort when training and a secure grip for dynamic exercises.

Set consists of:-

  1. 2 x 2.5kg Hex dumbbells
  2. 2 x 5kg Hex dumbbells
  3. 2 x 7.5kg Hex dumbbells
  4. 2 x 10kg Hex dumbbells
  5. 2 x 12.5kg Hex dumbbells
  6. 2 x 15kg Hex Dumbbells
  7. 2 x 17.5kg Hex Dumbbells
  8. 2 x 20kg Hex dumbbells
  9. 2 x 22.5kg Hex dumbbells
  10. 2 x 25kg Hex dumbbells
  11. 2 x 27.5kg Hex dumbbells
  12. 2 x 30kg Hex dumbbells
  13. 2 x 32.5kg Hex Dumbbells
  14. 2 x 35kg Hex Dumbbells
  15. 2 x 37.5kg Hex dumbbells
  16. 2 x 40kg Hex Dumbbells

2 x Powder Coated 3 Tier  Black Hexagon Dumbbell Rack


length: 150cm

Height: 120cm


There is a protective silicone oil on our Hex Dumbbells which is used to protect them during storage and shipping, this is easily removed with a damp cloth upon unpacking.

Rubber Hex Dumbbells are great for are great for reducing workout noise and protecting your floors but if you want some extra protection you can find our Gym Flooring options here.


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