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We are now into full blown Autumn with Winter not far on the horizon and for some, fitness goals can take a bit of a dive.  The weather is colder, the days are darker and there can be rain, wind and snow to give us the excuses we need to miss a gym session, our daily run or skip a class.  

Here we have put together the best tips for keeping your fitness momentum up during the more challenging seasons when motivation can be lower.

Change it Up

Fitness mojo

You may not realise it but sometimes boredom can play a huge part in lowering motivation when it comes to your fitness routine.  Sticking to the same routines, exercises or even working out at the same time can become dull and uninspiring. Decide to change one small thing, whether it be the exercise you do or where you work out or the times of your sessions and see your motivation levels rise.

Don't Overwhelm

Fitness mojo

If you have noticed you are less eager to stick to your fitness plan perhaps you have set too many challenges or unrealistic goals which can have the adverse effect of achieving them.  Space your goals out a bit, be gentler on yourself when needed and be realistic in what you can achieve.  Just going for a walk is still being active and is more of an achievement that a snatched gym session that you didn't enjoy.

Consider a Home Fitness

Fitness mojo

If getting to the gym around work or childcare times is stressing you out, Home Gyms are now a very popular and doable solution.  Creating a dedicated space for free weights, cycling or yoga can inspire a whole new level of fitness momentum.  Easier to access and a place you can spend time by yourself, a Home Gym can boost your motivation levels by making it easier and more rewarding to work out. Invest the correct gym equipment staples like dumbbells, kettlebells, a good quality barbell and shock absorbent flooring and you have a gym space for life.

Choose a Partner or Try a Class

Fitness mojo

If you are someone who trains by yourself then the Autumn/Winter months may prove more challenging as you don't have anyone else to answer too.  Excuses to the self are easier to do when you are less motivated.  A great idea to inspire a new surge of energy into your routine is to partner up with someone you can challenge with or join a class of like-minded people who you can share enthusiasm with.

Fitness mojo

Get Toasty

Fitness mojo

Ensuring you are well equipped for colder weather by investing in winter fitness gear can make all the difference.  Comfort is a big thing whether you are jogging outdoors or leaving the house early to go to the gym.  Having warm, comfortable gym clothing will take some of the initial discomfort of outdoor exercise or early start sessions.

Embrace the Weather

Fitness mojo

It is important to enjoy the seasons as they come and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors as they change.  If you can recognise the positives of the cooler seasons when you work out it can change your whole perspective of going for that jog.

Final Thoughts

Fitness mojo

Maintaining a regular fitness regime is hard at the best of times.  In the colder months it can bring different challenges but these don't need to be negative.  By adapting your lifestyle in small ways, considering home fitness and embracing the weather changes, you can bring your fitness momentum to a whole new level.


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November 02, 2021 — Katie McKay
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