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Find your Chi with the Best Yoga Mats and Flooring

Richard McKay |

Best yoga mats

Yoga is a mind-body practice to strengthen the body, increase flexibility, and manage stress. The floor plays a significant role in yoga practice. It needs to be durable yet comfortable and safe. Let’s take a look at the best flooring for yoga and four options for you to consider. 

In this article: 

  • What is the Best Flooring for Yoga?
  • 4 Top Yoga Flooring Options

What is the Best Flooring for Yoga?

Best yoga mats

Yoga involves different movements, poses, and floor work. It requires you to be grounded to the floor. The best flooring for yoga really depends on your space, budget, and type of yoga you plan on doing. For example, a hot yoga studio will have different requirements than your home yoga practice. 

Yoga flooring needs to be easy to clean and maintain. It also needs to be a safe foundation for movement. The flooring should be safe and provide traction when it comes into contact with moisture. Moisture can come from sweat, spilt drinks, and hot environments. 

You will need to think about whether your flooring needs to be temporary or permanent. This will help you to narrow down your choice. When it comes to yoga flooring materials, the most common surfaces you will come across are rubber, foam, and wood. The best option depends on your situation and the environment you’re trying to create. 

4 Top Yoga mats Flooring Options 

Think about your budget, yoga environment, and yoga style when deciding which yoga flooring to buy. It’s essential that you invest in flooring designed for movement so that you can safely perform exercise and enhance your practice. 

EVA 20mm or 40mm Dual Reversible Colour Foam Yoga Tiles

Best yoga mats

The EVA Dual Colour Reversible Foam Tiles are specifically designed for MMA, yoga, and gymnastics. They are lightweight closed-cell foam tiles that are perfect for multi-purpose facilities. These tiles are suitable for both home and commercial settings, for either permanent or temporary environments. The foam tiles feature ultra protection cushioning any slips and falls, while have a soft touch and a little traction, making it the ideal platform for yoga. Available in blue/red and grey/black in 2 thicknesses, they have an interlocking edge for easy installation.


  • Anti-slip and Anti-bacterial with soft-weave surface
  • Ammonia free and non-toxic, CE approved fire and toxicity tests
  • Passed BS EN177:2008 Critical Fall Height CFH 1.7m
  • ISO 9001 standard
  • Density: 120 kg/m3 Hardness: 41-45 degrees shore C
  • Interlocking feature or straight edge (optional)
  • Can be loose laid or fixed with adhesive
Best yoga mats

Sprung 11mm or 15mm Rubber HD Black Mats

Another great option for Yoga is the 11mm or 15mm Sprung rubber tiles.  These smooth topped, non-slip surface tiles create a relaxed, uniform look which are comfortable to the touch with light shock absorption.  A multi-functional option, these tiles can be used for light activity such as Yoga, low to medium impact fitness as well as Boxing and Martial Arts training.  Designed to last, these tiles will not require replacing or specialist maintenance while you train.

Want to transform your ordinary garage into a professional garage home gym?  

A fitness space requires a safe, comfortable and durable surface to perform fitness activities, support your body from injury and protect your subfloor from damage. Our popular range of rubber gym flooring, formulated using high-quality materials, can transform your extra space into a professional garage home gym. 

Whether you want to practice heavy-duty workouts, high-speed cardio exercises or light fitness our range of garage gym flooring will provide all the shock absorption, surface protection and comfort needed to benefit from home fitness sessions.

Available in different designs, styles and thicknesses, there is an option to suit all levels and types of activity from low impact to heavy-duty weight training.

Commercial Gym FlooringWeight Lifting MatsHome FlooringFleckz - Gym Tiles - Gym Floor Protection - Gym Flooring RollsGym Floor Buying Guide

Best yoga mats

Sprung Sports Vinyl 

Best yoga mats

Sprung Sports Vinyl comes in several thicknesses from 5mm to 10mm. This flooring is suitable for gyms and other commercial fitness settings. It’s ideal for a leisure centre or gym that offer yoga classes, among other types of exercise and sports. The sports vinyl flooring is a multi-purpose flooring system for competitive sports and all types of dance and fitness. The point elastic three-layer vinyl construction creates great shock absorption and protection against cartilage injuries. 

Our selection of sprung vinyl flooring ranges from 5mm to 10mm depending on your sports or dance requirement.  UK certified, our vinyl collection have excellent shock absorbency, peak protection against injury and compliment any Sports Hall, Dance Studio or Recreation facility. 

Sprung Wood Flooring

Best yoga mats

Another option for yoga flooring is wood. It looks fantastic and is a great multi-purpose foundation. Many yoga, fitness, and dance studios use sprung wood flooring to create a clean and professional finish. Depending on your facility, wood flooring is multi-purpose and suitable for a range of facilities like fitness studios, gyms, school halls, hotels, and health facilities. 

Sprung ® SmartFit is our high-performance A3 sprung sports, fitness and dance floor solution. 

Using a clever 5G click system, the engineered surface, HDF layer and shock-absorbing underlay slot seamlessly together saving on the cost of installation and fitting time. The perfect wood sports flooring!

Your budget, use, and space available will determine the best gym mats for your workout and environment. From home gym yoga studios to multi-purpose facilities with regular yoga classes, you can find something perfect for you. Yoga flooring creates a safe foundation for movement without restricting a flow.


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