A Clean Sweep: Winning with Low Maintenance Foam Mats at WonderWorld Softplay

A Clean Sweep: Winning with Low Maintenance Foam Mats at WonderWorld Softplay

We were delighted to work with WonderWorld on their latest venue in London.

The leading softplay facility were looking for an ultra safe, extra soft surface solution for a large Nerf Zone area within their new AirThrill inflatable space.

We recommended out popular Eva foam mats which ticked all the boxes in terms of safety, low maintenance and durability.

Let’s look at this in a little more detail.

Safety First

The most important feature of the flooring was the ability to protect children from slips and falls as well as potential injury when running and tumbling.  

Our Eva Foam Tatami mats have a slip resistant textured surface to prevent skids and falls while the cushioned core creates a soft landing for maximum safety.

Strong & Robust 

With repetitive impact and heavy foot traffic, our client needed a durable and hard wearing surface that could tolerate everyday wear and tear. 

Tatami tiles are made from a high density EVA foam renowned for its resilience and strength during even the most intense activities such as Martial Arts.  

Bright & Punchy

Another important aspect of the floor choice was aesthetic.  It needed to be bright, engaging and in keeping with the interior decor of their space, designed to hold children's attention and provide a stimulating environment where they can play and explore at leisure.



The Eva range comes in various bold colour options as well as dual, reversible mats which can be switched around or configured in a two-way pattern.

WonderWorld selected the classic Blue/Red combination for a modern and playful look that kids of all ages will enjoy. 

DIY Installation

One of the best features of our Eva foam tiles is the interlocking installation.  Each tile has a puzzle profile edge which slot together without the need to pay for specialist fitting or particular tools.


The tiles are lightweight, easy to handle and can be glued down for a permanent set-up or left loose for the ability to move around and reconfigure when needed.

Being able to fit the tiles easily and quickly in-house kept our client’s budget costs down while being able to achieve a quick turnaround to suit their project timescales. 

Easy Cleaning 

With heavy footfall and lots of expected spillages (we all know how messy kids are!), WonderWorld needed a flooring solution with low maintenance and simple cleaning.

Eva Mats do not absorb moisture or retain dust, dirt and debris which could cause water damage or a buildup of bacteria.  Easy to wipe down and lightly mop after each day, these scratch resistant mats keep daily upkeep to a minimum.

Budget Friendly

Unlike other floor solutions which require floor preparation and expert fitting as well as being fairly costly to purchase, our Eva foam tiles are affordable and budget-friendly.

Being inexpensive doesn’t mean a less than quality product.  Our Eva foam tiles are tested for both safety and quality standards before they arrive in our warehouse to ensure they meet the high standards our customers would expect.

Considering Eva Foam Tiles for your project?

Maybe you’re looking to create a play space at home or are trying to source a suitable floor solution for a children’s play centre.  To help you make up your mind, let’s look at some common questions. 

Where can I use Eva Foam Tiles?

Our foam tatami tiles are versatile enough to be used in a variety of applications from softplay and nurseries to playrooms as well as specific sports and fitness.

Perfect for disciplines such as Martial Arts and Boxing, Eva foam matting can be used as a multi purpose floor solution where there are several activities being carried out.

What thicknesses do they come in?



Tatami mats come in a variety of thicknesses from as lightweight as 15mm up to 40mm.  The more dense types provide the best protection from high impact play or intense use.  Our tiles come in 20mm, 30mm and 40mm.

How much do Eva tiles cost?

Prices for Eva tiles range from as little as £10 right up to £30 depending on size, thickness and surface type.  The plain flat foam tiles usually sold in packs are the cheapest but may not have the same durability as thicker or textured mats.  

Can they support heavy equipment?

Yes Eva tiles in thicker densities can support equipment such as fitness machines, kids play equipment and hot tubs. 

Final Thoughts

WonderWorld were delighted with their finished floor which they managed to assemble quickly in time for the big reopening.

Eva foam matting was the perfect solution for this busy, thriving facility were safety, durability and low maintenance is key.

Having the option to choose bright and engaging colours that matched the interior coupled with an easy installation process has set the right foundations for years of success and most importantly, fun!

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