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Find the Perfect Gym Flooring for Garage Spaces

Find the Perfect Gym Flooring for Garage Spaces

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Converting a garage space into a home gym can be a fantastic way to get fit and save money on price gym subscriptions. If you’re looking to convert or upgrade your garage gym, you’re in the right place. We have everything you need to create a safe, professional-looking workout space. Plus, we also have a wide range of gym equipment for you to kit out your garage gym and we offer free delivery on orders over £250.

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  • Safety Rubber Tiles - 30mm

    Safety Rubber Tiles - 30mm

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Garage Gym Flooring

Want to transform your ordinary garage into a professional Home Gym?

A fitness space requires a safe, comfortable and durable surface to perform fitness activities, support your body from injury and protect your subfloor from damage. Our popular range of rubber gym flooring, formulated using high-quality recycled materials, can transform your extra space into a professional garage home gym.

One of the best flooring solutions for gyms and fitness studios, both home gym and commercial facilities, is rubber. Recognised as the most effective material for body and subfloor protection, it is low maintenance, easy to install and has superior performance capabilities compared to alternative garage gym flooring solutions.

Garage Gym Flooring Transform

The correct home gym flooring can transform a dull garage space into something unique and personally suited to your exact fitness preferences. Whether you want to practice high intensity workouts with free weights, cardio exercises using heavy gym equipment or light fitness activities, our range of garage gym flooring will provide all the shock absorption, surface protection and comfort needed to optimise your training.

Our versatile range of garage gym flooring comes in various thickness options to suit all weight capacities, a number of colour and design choices for a professional and smooth finish as well as interlocking tile options with no adhesive required. Available in tiles or rolls, our rubber garage gym flooring can be laid onto all surface types including a concrete floor or plywood base and comes with full installation guidelines. Easy to lay DIY, our rubber floors do not require specialist assistance to fit, reducing overall costs.

Home gyms and fitness studios within a garage setting benefit highly from good insulation and sound reduction, something our rubber flooring does an excellent job of. It manages draughts and regulates temperatures and absorbs vibrations and noise from workouts with weights and noisy equipment.

Key Features

  • 4 Year Warranty

  • High Protection & Shock Absorption

  • Heavy Duty Material for High Durability

  • Slip Resistance and High Comfort

  • Simple Installation

  • Interlocking Options - No Adhesive Required

  • Suitable for all Free Weights capacities & Workout Types

  • Low Maintenance & Easy Cleaning

  • Sound & Vibration Reduction

  • Provides Excellent Insulation

For your garage gym flooring, transform your space and boost functionality with one of our Top-Rated solutions complete with a 4 Year Warranty against premature wear.


Get the Best Equipment for Your Garage Gym

While we specialise in gym flooring, we know a home or garage gym is nothing without the right equipment. If you’re looking to kit out your garage gym with the best equipment, we’ve got you covered. Explore Gym Equipment for every gym staple you need.

Garage Gym Flooring FAQs

What is the best floor for a gym in a garage?
Rubber gym flooring is the best solution for a gym in a garage. It’s a popular choice for all kinds of home gyms due to its high durability, superior shock absorption and anti-slip texture. It provides a safe surface for workouts of all kinds and it’s easy to maintain and clean.
What is the best thickness for garage gym flooring?
The best thickness for garage gym flooring depends on the types of workouts you’ll be using it for. For heavy gym equipment and high-intensity workouts, we’d recommend thicker tiles like our 43mm Sprung PRO Rubber AntiShock Gym Flooring Tiles, as they offer more protection. But if you’re planning to use your garage gym for light fitness activities, thinner gym mats like our Heavy Duty Gym Rubber Mats — 11mm Sprung PRO might be more suitable. Our range of gym flooring options has a wide variety of thickness options, so you’re bound to find what works best for your garage. If you need help choosing, please get in touch with us and we’ll guide you in the right direction.
How thick should gym flooring be on concrete?
Again, the thickness of your gym flooring on a concrete base depends on the type of workout you’ll be using your gym for. If you plan to use heavy weights or high-impact cardio equipment, opt for a thicker mat for maximum protection. Typically, a thicker mat is advised on concrete floors to provide ample cushioning and to protect your equipment.
Do I need gym flooring in my garage?
While it’s possible to create a garage gym without gym flooring, we wouldn’t recommend it. Without it, your workout can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Plus, it’s likely you’ll damage your equipment and floor. Our range of gym floor tiles and mats can provide high protection and shock absorption for a wide range of exercises. Plus, they look great, so you can transform your garage into a professional workout space.
Got more questions about garage gym flooring? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions and help you find the perfect flooring for your home gym. 

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