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Gym Mat Flooring

Gym Mat Flooring

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Top-Rated Gym Mat Flooring for Home Gym & Commercial Gym Use

A Gym Mat can range from Gym Floor Tiles and Interlocking Gym Flooring to Pilates Mats and good quality surfaces for Yoga Sessions. It can be a single mat to simply place in your favourite workout space or a complete tile solution in a Home Gym. Whatever the purpose is, we provide non slip, good quality Gym Matting in various thicknesses and designs to suit all budgets.  Designed for high performance and high protection, our mats create a comfortable and shock absorbent surface for all workouts and exercise types.

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Foam Mat or Rubber Mats?

Gym Flooring supply both foam and rubber gym mats to support all standard gym activities as well as for more specialist uses such as MMA, Boxing and Gymnastics.  Browse our extensive Rubber Gym Mat collections or popular Foam Mat ranges for inspiration.

Gym Mat Protection

One of the most important elements of a functional gym is the foundation, the surface that we perform our workouts on.  A Gym Mat not only protects your floors and equipment from damage perhaps caused by heavy machinery or weights, it also protects the user.  Using a Gym Mat solution in your fitness space provides shock absorption when carrying out high impact activity, prevents fatigue and reduces the risk of injury to the body, joints and muscles. Home Gyms and Commercial spaces should always have a gym mat system in place for just standard safety practice.

Sound Reducing Gym Mats

Working out is a noisy business and a rubber gym mat offers excellent sound reduction whether you have a Home Gym or a busy commercial gym facility.

Easy Fit Fitness Flooring

The great thing about our gym floor tiles is that they can be installed DIY.  No adhesive, no specialist fitter.  We provide full Guidelines for all our tile ranges - Click here for Gym Flooring Installation Guidelines

Multi-Purpose Gym Mat

Our broad range of Gym Mats, fitness matting and Yoga Mats come in different thicknesses which accommodate all types and levels of fitness.  From lightweight floor exercise mat options to heavy duty rubber mats we have a fitness flooring solution to suit all gym activities as well as MMA, Boxing, Gymnastics, Pilates and Yoga.

Gym Applications

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Functional Training

  • Weight Training

  • Crossfit & HIIT

  • Cardio

  • Sprinting

Sports & Recreation Applications

  • MMA and Martial Arts 

  • Boxing

  • Gymnastics

  • Pilates

  • Yoga

  • Children's Play

Easy Clean Gym Mat Options

Whether you choose a foam gym mat or a rubber gym mat solution, both materials are known for their simple maintenance and designed for easy cleaning.  Moisture and water-resistant, gym mats constructed from high quality rubber or EVA foam are easy to clean while retaining their shape and performance over time.  Similarly, gym mats are inexpensive and easy to repair unlike alternative gym flooring options.

Coloured Gym Mat Solutions

Looking to add colour to the mix?  Browse our popular Konnecta Fleckz coloured gym flooring range in various colours or check out our dual-colour foam gym mats to add some vitality to your workout space.


FAQ - Gym Floor Mats UK

Do you supply home gym mats?

All of our rubber gym mats are suitable for both commercial and domestic home gym use.  Choose from various designs and thicknesses to suit your activity.

What types of connecting gym mats do you offer?

We supply fitness workout interlocking mats with hidden inserts as well as puzzle interlocking tiles which slot together profile to profile.  Our outdoor rubber mats are also interlocking and come with connection pins. 

Do you sell floor exercise mat options for Yoga?

We don't sell specially designed Yoga Mats but we offer rubber exercise mat solutions of various sizes and thicknesses which can be fitted as a complete floor set-up or used individually as singular mats.  An 11mm mat is our lightest option.

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