Sprint Sled Tracks for Maximum Gym Functionality

Investing in a track feature adds versatility, reduces repetitive stress injury for this type of training while maximizing the use of your space.

Add style, substance and a shock of colour to your studio layout with our dedicated range of sprint, sled and standard turf track options.

Formulated using short, strong fibres, the durable turf is available in a number of standard and bespoke colour and design options.

Endless Exercise Options 

  • Sprinting
  • Sled pulling/pushing
  • Plyo work
  • Tyre/functional work
  • Training Drills
  • Functional Training Areas
  • Interval Training
  • HIIT
  • CrossFit

Upgrade your Workout Space or Gym Facility

Transform your ordinary space into the perfect workout area with the use of our high quality sled tracks and sprint track options.  Similarly, Sled tracks and sprint tracks can be incorporated into a commercial Gym facility to maximise workout space or create a zone for specific activities, particularly for functional training areas.

Resistance training, indoor field training and other physical workouts demand a certain type of surface that will enable you to make a sudden stop, fast turns and slides. With our selection of sled tracks you will be able to achieve all of that without hindering your performance.

High Durability & Protection

You can easily install our range of standard  artificial turf, sprint track and sled track options on top of any surface to enhance the quality and flexibility of your routine while delivering ultimate protection from injury.

Our sled tracks and sprint tracks are designed to be highly durable withstanding repeated impact for long periods while providing perfect support and shock absorbency even for the toughest environments and intense activity.

Low Maintenance

Not only do artificial grass Sled Tracks provide high-yielding performance, they also require less maintenance. Sled tracks are easy to clean as they are made out of needle-punched propylene that doesn’t allow any sweat or grime to settle on them.  For areas intended for constant use, our tracks are durable and simple to look after without costly repairs or upkeep.

Design Options

Available in bright, modern colors, a Sled Track is the ideal solution to boost functionlity within your Gym facility or to enhance personal fitness spaces.


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