The Ultimate Buying Guide to Sports Turf 

The Ultimate Buying Guide to Sports Turf 

Sports turf and sprint tracks add a completely new layer of versatility to your gym or facility. Whether you’re looking to install a sprint track for some plyometric work or want to create a new play area for children with a soft cushioning, sports turf is highly adaptable to several environments. From multipurpose sports turf to court-specific options, there are various factors you need to consider when buying sports turf for your next project. 

In this buying guide to sports turf:

  • What is Sports Turf?
  • What are the Benefits of Sports Turf?
  • How Can You Use Sports Turf 
  • Where Can You Install Sports Turf?
  • 6 Top Sports Turf Options to Upgrade Your Fitness Area  
  • How to Choose the Right Sports Turf 

What is Sports Turf?


Sports turf is an artificial turf made of synthetic fibres that mimic the look of natural grass. It’s made from hard-wearing materials. Sports turf is a popular option for bringing a new level of training into your gym facility. More people are choosing to install artificial turf instead of natural grass as it’s easier to maintain. Because artificial grass costs less to maintain and doesn’t need watering, many sports and health clubs choose to install sports turf. 

Depending on your project, there are several different options to choose from when it comes to sports turf. Artificial turf continues to be a popular option for fitness facilities, offices, school, and communal areas. 

When buying sports turf, you have a few different elements to consider. If you’re looking to add a sprint track to your gym, a sled track is a great option. But if you’re installing sports turf in an outdoor setting, you will need to think about the following factors: 

  • Colour - artificial sports turf comes in various shades of green. You might need to consider how the turf looks with furniture and brick colour. It’s essential to look for something natural in colour. Natural grass isn’t just one colour; it contains different shades. 
  • Pile height - this refers to the height of the length of the grass. The pile height can vary significantly throughout different products. Generally, the pile height will range from 12mm to 50mm. 
  • Quality and durability - it’s important that you buy sports turf from a reputable brand. The best way to see the quality of sports turf is to request a sample. That way, you can really feel what you’re buying before you purchase. 

What are the Benefits of Sports Turf?


Sports turf offers several benefits not only to the user but for the facility. As artificial grass remains the same throughout the year, you don’t have to worry about watering or maintaining it throughout the seasons. It’s always ready to go. You have the option to use sports turf and sled tracks in both indoor and outdoor settings, depending on your situation. Here are four reasons why you should invest in sports turf. 

Add Versatility 


Sports turf adds versatility to a facility. You can install sprint tracks in a gym setting to allow members to do tyre work, functional training, sprinting, sled and plyo work. Create a more versatile environment for your school, leisure centre, gym, and community setting. 

Reduce Repetitive Stress Injury 


Investing in a sprint track can help reduce the risk of repetitive stress injury when doing movements like sprinting, sled pulling, and plyometric exercises. The right sports flooring can reduce the risk of injuries, slips, and falls during fitness, sports and even children’s play. 

Add Style and Colour 


Sports turf adds a splash of colour to any facility. The green track can be a real feature in a gym. If you’re looking for something that steals focus and gives your members a more versatile area to work out, sports turf is a great option. 



One of the main reasons that sports turf is such a popular choice is that it’s durable and easy to look after. It doesn’t require the same sort of maintenance as natural grass but will still look fantastic all year round. Sports turf uses short, strong fibres to create a durable and high-quality product. 

How Can You Use Sports Turf 


Sports turf is suitable for a range of uses and environment, including:

  • Gyms: tyre work, sled pulling, plyometric work, and sprinting 
  • Health clubs  
  • Sports: hockey, tennis, football, and cricket 
  • Children’s play areas 
  • Schools 
  • Sports fields
  • Recreation area
  • Multipurpose game and sports areas

Depending on how you plan on using sports turf, specific products are more suited to certain environments than others. By determining how you intend to use artificial grass, you can narrow down which product is the best for your needs. 

Where Can You Install Sports Turf?


There are sports turf products that are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. Sprint tracks are suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments. You can install them using glue or double-sided sticky tape. So, you can use it in a gym or leisure centre or an outdoor setting like over a patio or decking. 

You have a few different options for outdoor-only sports turf. If you’re looking to install artificial turf in an outdoor living space, such as over decking and patios, Sprung’s Play Turf is a great option. For sport-specific artificial grass, you have several options to consider. By narrowing down where you want to install sports turf and how you intend on using it, you can find the ideal product much quicker. 

6 Top Sports Turf Options to Upgrade Your Fitness Area

There are several options to choose from when upgrading your fitness area. Whether you’re developing a new sports field at a school or adding a sprint track to your gym layout, here are six options to think about. 

1. Sprung Gym Turf


Sprung Gym Turf is made specifically for functional training, CrossFit, and sled pulling. It uses short fibre tracks to create a super durable artificial turf. It’s available in five bold colours, four sizes, and 2m rolls. This turf is suitable for indoor use but is also versatile enough to use in an outdoor setting. You can install Sprung Gym Turf with either glue or double-sided tape. 

2. Play Turf


If you’re looking to create a children’s play area, Play Turf is your best option. The artificial grass is an excellent choice for play areas, patios, and outdoor living spaces. It uses high quality artificial short fibre grass to imitate the natural look of grass. It’s ideal for creating soft outdoor play areas and using in the garden. You don’t have to worry about watering or maintaining it like you would with natural grass. With a pile height of 12mm, the rolls come in two different sizes: 8m x 2m and 8m x 4m. 

Play Turf is suitable for:

  • Garden areas
  • Patios 
  • Over decking and existing lawns 
  • Enhancing exterior space 

3. Sports Turf

There are several types of Sports Turf. Sports Turf covers the range of artificial grass that caters for sports. Here’s a breakdown of the Sports Turf range: 

  • Sports Turf - Service - a good sport turf to increase versatility. It comes in eight different lengths, from 12.5lm to 32lm. Suitable for a range of sports and fitness. 
  • Sports Turf Profoot Olympic - a good option for football fields and a slightly cheaper alternative to the Profoot Club. 
  • Sports Turf Profoot Club - with a pile height of 50mm, this type of sports turf is most suitable for football and similar ball games. 
  • Sports Turf Multiplay - a multipurpose option available in four colours: green, clay red, reflex blue and yellow. It’s suitable for sports, children’s play areas, schools, gyms, and leisure centres. 
  • Sports Turf Crosscourt - a great option for sports courts and fields for schools, leisure centres, and sports facilities. 
  • Sports Turf Clubcourt - this sports turf is ideal for tennis courts and other racket sports. It has a pile height of 13mm and looks fantastic on the court. Perfect for health clubs and boutique fitness facilities.  

4. Sprung Premium Sprint Track 

If you’re looking for a sprint track solely to perform functional training, tyre work, and sprinting, then a sled track is a fantastic option. The Sprung Premium Sprint Track comes with full markings. It’s designed to be super durable and is available in five bold colours. You can either glue the sprint track down or use double-sided tape. This sprint track is ideal for installing in a commercial fitness setting. 

5. Sprung Custom Sprint/Sled Track 


You can customise the size and markings on the sprint track for those who want the Sprung Premium Spring Track but have specific requirements. This is perfect for a gym that wants to add branding or has a particular design in mind for the markings. You get the benefits of a premium sprint track but get to put a unique twist on it. A custom sprint track can add an interesting design feature and fitness offering to your facility.  

6. Sprung Essential Sprint Track


The Sprung Essential Sprint Track is a more cost-effective alternative to the Sprung Premium Sprint Track. If you’re looking for a good sprint track but don’t have the budget to stretch, this is a fantastic choice. Again, it’s designed specifically for function training, Crossfit, and sled pulling. It’s 2m wide and comes in five different colours to add more versatility to your gym. 

How to Choose the Right Sports Turf

Mimic the beautiful look of natural grass without the hassle of watering and maintenance. Whether you’re creating a children’s play area in the garden or upgrading your football club’s playing grounds, sports turf is a great choice. Sports turf uses short fibres to create a durable, long-lasting, and safe playing experience. By having a clear understanding of the options available and how you can use sports turf in your next project, you can make the best purchase decision.

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