BOEN- Elevation Undercarriage for Arenaflex Stadium and Olympia

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Arenaflex is designed for venues with different building heights and uneven levels of a sub-floor.

This area-elastic sports floor offers a combination of rigidity and comfort, which makes it versatile and practical for sports halls, gymnasiums and recreation halls.

Arenaflex Elevation System is a resilient hardwood floor laid onto a highly durable cradle system. It is suitable for installation with underfloor heating systems and insulation.

Arenaflex is suitable for new constructions as well as renovation. In addition, construction time can be reduced as no levelling compound or similar is needed. Arenaflex is easy to handle and transport as it is delivered in practical pre-cut and fixed lengths.

An area-elastic sports floor made up of impact-resistant and highly durable cradles with an integral 10mm foam impact pad on the underside which support softwood battens. Can be installed on an uneven subfloor

Elevation Understructure

  • 18/32mm Cradle - 90 x 90 x 18/32mm (Box of 420) 
  • 47/62mm Cradle - 90 x 90 x 47/62mm (Box of 180)
  • 36mm Plain Batten - 36 x 45 x 1800mm
  • 48mm Plain Batten - 48 x 45 x 1800mm 
  • 2mm Packer - Bag of 300
  • 6mm Packer - Bag of 150


Pack Size: 4 boards = 1.89m2 (21 kg). Pallet Size: 45 packs = 85.05m2 (945 kg) Standard Batten Centres at 440mm - Batten Calculation = 2.52lm/m2 of floor.

Cradle Calculation: Batten 36mm = Cradle Centre 450mm = 5.6 Cradles/m2 . Batten 48mm = Cradle Centre 600mm = 4.2 Cradles/m2 We reserve the right to deliver one element as random length in each pack. Understructure cannot be purchased without ordering wood top layer. Other species available upon request.