Equestrian rubber flooring

Are you considering investing in rubber flooring for your stable but haven’t taken the plunge yet?  There are so many different types of stable flooring available that it can feel tough to make the right decision. 

Equestrian rubber flooring could be just what you and your horse need.  Without pointing out the obvious; horses are heavy. You need something substantial in place to support the horse’s weight.  Keep reading to find out how to choose the best flooring for your stable.  

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Equestrian Rubber Flooring 101

Equestrian Rubber flooring should be robust and provide the cushioning needed to support your horse.  Whether it’s in grooming areas, home, or away, stable flooring can have many benefits.  From absorbing impact to providing a bigger energy return with each step, your animals need the right foundation for comfort and traction.



Rubber stable flooring has been around for a while and tends to be a popular option for the job.  Made from heavy-duty rubber, you can place the tiles over a variety of surfaces like compressed sand and brick, concrete, or, earth.  Rubber tiles can be heavy, especially thicker tiles, so this is something to keep in mind with the installation.  For a bigger space with thick rubber tiles, you may need help carrying the load. 


Anti-slip and UV-resistant surface for all weather use

Simple assembly

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Ultra durable

Colours: Black, Red, and Green


500 mm x 500 mm

Thickness: 30 mm 

Size tolerance length: +/- 2%

Size tolerance thickness +/- 4%


Please click the link here for an easy guide to fitting these tiles.

When purchasing stable flooring, you want to avoid anything that is made from cheap materials.   Often, you can end up spending less initially, only to find the flooring is unsuitable for purpose. You then end up replacing it with a high-quality flooring solution.  Poor quality flooring that’s unsuitable may hold on to moisture and urine, wear and tear too quickly, or just isn’t right for your needs. Premium quality stable flooring should last years and be easy to clean and maintain.

4 Benefits of Equestrian Rubber Flooring

Horse stable rubber flooring or Equestrian rubber flooring provides plenty of benefits not only to your horse but to you.  Invest in quality flooring that’s fit for purpose.   Here are four benefits of equestrian rubber flooring. 


Equestrian Rubber flooring should be non-slip. This not only benefits the horse but yourself as well as it helps to reduce the risk of potential slips and falls.  Your horse probably spends a lot of their time in a stable or barn.  It’s important that the space is as safe and comfortable as possible. 

Easy to Sweep and Clean

Given the environment, it’s important that the flooring you choose is suitable for your needs.  While all rubber flooring will have a non-slip quality, some equestrian rubber flooring allows for easier sweeping which is hugely beneficial. 

Superior Comfort

Equestrian rubber flooring can provide an extra level of comfort for your horse.  Your flooring solution should support your horse’s movements and joints while offering a superior comfort experience. Although a more rigid surface may look uninviting to humans for a good night’s sleep, rubber flooring is perfectly suitable for a stable setting. 

Drain Well


How Thick Should Stable Flooring Be?

There are several options when it comes to stable flooring, but how thick should it be?  The main difference is that thinner flooring tends to be more cost-effective. However, despite it being cheaper to purchase, you end up needing more bedding for your horses. 

On the other hand, when you buy thicker flooring, you need less bedding. So, in the long-term, you save money and time cleaning bedding as you don’t need as much. Even though thicker flooring may be more expensive, in the beginning, it may provide a higher level of comfort, and you end up having to buy less bedding as you would with a thinner flooring. 

Whether you’re fed up with how long it takes to muck out the horses or having to buy expensive horse bedding regularly, stable flooring should be high on your priority list.  Your horse probably spends a large chunk of the time in the stables, and it’s important to make the most out of the space by creating a comfortable environment that you can clean and maintain.  Although you need to invest in equestrian flooring, you can begin to reap the rewards in the long-run by saving both time and money.

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