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PT Studios - Best Flooring Options to Suit All Clients

Michael Geraghty |

PT Studios - Best Flooring Options to Suit All Clients

When you think of great gym or personal fitness studio design, you probably don’t immediately think of the flooring. But, your gym flooring is key to creating a safe and high-performing fitness environment.  It creates a solid foundation for fitness at all levels which is essential to accommodate all clients requirements.

Whether it’s a home or commercial gym space, it’s worth investing in the right gym flooring and getting it right the first time.

In this article:


  • P.T. Studio Design: Lay a Strong Foundation 
  • 5 Reasons Why You Need Great Gym Flooring for P.T. Studios
  • Top Flooring Options for Your P.T. Studio

P.T. Studio Design: Lay a Strong Foundation 

With any type of fitness area, it’s important that your layout makes the most out of the space you have. Your studio design involves several different elements. Your layout and design can have a huge impact on how you can use the space and what you can use it for. 

Although it’s not as exciting as choosing brand new gym equipment, a crucial part of your gym design is the flooring you choose. Your entire gym design needs a strong foundation and that starts with the floor. Above all, your gym needs to be safe and support optimum performance. 

commercial gym and home studio have slightly different needs in terms of design. With one, you’re catering to a wide public, and the other is a much smaller user base. But there tends to be a lot of crossover with flooring as the best gym flooring suits multiple scenarios. The key difference is the space you need to cover. For example, rubber fitness flooring rolls are ideal for covering larger areas for heavy equipment but are not as thick or shock absorbent while rubber tiles are usually available up to 50mm thick and accommodate high impact activities and weights.

5 Reasons Why You Need Great Gym Flooring for P.T. Studios

Your gym flooring can elevate your studio design and enhance your overall functional usage.  When you cater for many different clients with varying requirements you want their fitness sessions to feel unique and have all the benefits of a commercial gym space.  Here are five reasons why your flooring plays a big role in studio design.

Create a Safe Surface for Exercise


If you’re lifting weights, sprinting, stretching, or doing a HIIT workout; naturally, your body needs more protection. Without the right surface, it’s far too easy to slip and fall over. This not only results in a potential injury but hinders your ability to perform well. Gym flooring is an essential part of creating a safe space for exercise and fitness. 

Reach Fitness Goals 


Features like shock absorption, non-slip qualities, and bounce allow you to perform safely at an optimum level. When you feel supported by your foundation, you can reach your fitness goals without worrying about slips and falls. 

Protect Your Flooring 


Gym flooring helps to protect your sub flooring. Depending on your situation, your needs will vary. For a commercial gym, you may need to maintain the quality of your flooring and will worry that you may damage the flooring when you install heavy gym equipment. Or perhaps you’re using a spare room at home and want to protect the flooring from any dents. 

Ensure High Performance 


Good gym flooring is durable, shock absorbent, and has plenty of traction. It should feel like it supports your movement and allows you to hit those high-performance levels. When using a gym, you probably don’t even think twice about the stable surface. But without good traction, resistance training, HIIT, and other workouts would seem much more difficult.  

Add Colour and Vibrancy to Your Gym


Finally, your flooring can add a splash of colour and energise your fitness space. It's a great way to upgrade your home gym and if you want something bright or with a fleck, you can make a real impact on the look and feel of your gym.

Top Gym Flooring Options for Your P.T. Studio  

Sometimes it’s tempting to leave your flooring choice until the very last moment. But gym flooring is a speciality that is a crucial element of your gym design. It’s always a good idea to match your fitness needs and goals to your flooring choice. Here are some of the top flooring options for your gym design.  

20mm Lightly Flecked Rubber Tiles


The 20mm Sprung fleck EPDM rubber tiles are a classic choice for gyms. The tiles have a gentle dusting of colour for an interesting and flecked appearance for a more subtle look. Available in four different colours, these tiles provide maximum protection and shock absorption. They are suitable for anything from heavy gym equipment to functional training as well as free weights up to 140kg. This flooring is perfect for free weight training, CrossFit, and Strength and Conditioning.

20mm Sprung Rubber Heavy Duty Gym Tile 


For quality, affordability, and endurance, the  standard 20mm Sprung rubber heavy-duty gym tiles feature plenty of traction, sound insulation, and non-slip properties for medium to heavy impact activity.  The great thing about this range is it starts at 11mm for light weight exercise all the way up to 50mm , support for heavy duty Olympic weightlifting.

Sprung Konnecta Fleckz Coloured Fitness Self-Locking Tiles 


The Sprung Konnecta 20mm tiles feature a self-locking system using quality HD rubber. The tiles remain fully in place even during high impact activity. Available in five colours, you can add a splash of colour and texture to your facility easily with the Sprung Konnecta range. These are ideal for functional training as well as medium and heavy weights. 

Sprung Fleckz Premium Rubber Fitness Roll 


The Sprung rubber fitness rolls are a major favourite for both gyms, studios and sport enthusiasts. The rolls go from 4mm to 10mm in thickness and are suitable for a range of applications including yoga, cardio training, fitness studios, martial arts and even indoor golf. These offer a massive range of functionality, and the flecked appearance looks fantastic in a variety of spaces.

In Summary 


Your studio flooring should be part of the early gym design process. It can add a splash of colour for vital motivation , create a safe foundation for exercise, and enhance performance. In an environment where it’s more common to experience injuries, it’s important to develop a strong foundation so that you can maximise your studio space. Whether it’s fitness rolls, gym mats, or self-interlocking tile solutions, you can find something to optimise studio users fitness experience.

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