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Find Your Fitness Flooring Today

Find Your Fitness Flooring Today

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Find Your Fitness Flooring Today

If you’re looking for fitness flooring for your home or commercial gym, you’ve come to the right place. At Gym Flooring, we have absolutely everything you need to make the most of your exercise space. Whether you’re looking for traditional gym flooring for workouts or something more specific for dancing and martial arts, we’ve got you covered. Plus, you can get free delivery on all orders over £250.

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Top-Rated Fitness Flooring Solutions for Home and Commercial Gym Use

Fitness has never been more important as the global wellness tide continues to rise.  General fitness and well-being are now key factors in maintaining a busy, successful and fulfilling lifestyle for physical and mental health.

We’re big supporters of the nation's shift to a fitter mind and body.  In our quest to source high-quality, high-value solutions to meet everybody's fitness aspirations, we have developed a prime selection of high-quality products to suit all environments.

Take a look at some of our customer reviews:


Very pleased with tiles

“Finished the room off nicely and a perfect floor for working out. Follow instructions from website about staggering joins and cutting oversize 5-10mm and they fit together seamlessly.”


Robert H

Well happy!


“Great service and product, fairly easy to fit if you take your time! And do be sure to cut the last one 10mm big and fold it in for a snug fit.”


Andy R


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Does the job well and easy to work with

“So easy to cut and completely transformed the gym garage. Used it in my old house and came straight back for some in the new place.”


Shaun H





Home and Commercial Gym Flooring Solutions

Our large range of home and commercial rubber, vinyl, and wood systems deliver the performance and safety standards required for all levels of cardio and strength training, CrossFit, functional training, toning and conditioning, Olympic weightlifting, boxing, martial arts and free weights.
We also supply a wide range of sprint track solutions, sled tracks and 3G and 4G sports turf.
Known for their superior shock absorption, anti-fatigue and sound insulation properties, our premium rubber and foam fitness surfaces support each and every workout type from moderate to high-intensity activities.

In our hand-picked gym equipment selection, you'll find a wide range of top-quality free weights, including weight plates, bumper plates, dumbbells and kettlebells to suit all standards. We also stock cardio equipment such as Echelon bikes, rowers and treadmills, and all storage and accessories items.




Top-Grade Rubber Gym Mats for Fitness at All Levels

Sprung Gym Flooring is one of the largest suppliers of fitness flooring in the UK, with product options to suit all types of gym activities. 

Our premium selection of rubber mats and rolls are environmentally friendly, sourced responsibly and well known for their superb quality and durability.








Quality Materials

 Many shoppers have the misconception that all fitness flooring mats are more or less the same, with very slight differences between top-line products and the cheaper options available in the market.

 This couldn't be further away from the truth.  

Cheaper gym floor mats can actually do more harm than good and cost money further down the line with premature crumbling, a lack of slip-resistance on the surface and low-density issues.  Quality products mean ultimate traction, shock absorption and slip resistance while protecting your subfloor from damage. We also offer a four-year warranty against premature wear and discolouration







Broad Range

Our wide choice of gym mats supports all levels of fitness from low impact, light use and functional training to heavy-duty weightlifting, CrossFit and extreme sports such as Parkour and gymnastics.  

To determine the correct product for your personal use, check out our buying guides to identify what thickness of tile you require.  We also have various colours, designs and types of gym mats, from flecked to puzzle and interlocking options.

Browse our collection of Tatami foam mats specially designed for all forms of martial arts and boxing, as well as our popular range of sports turf, modular court tiles and sprint and sled tracks suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Whether you are looking for a home gym solution or commercial gym flooring, we have top-rated, tried-and-tested fitness flooring solutions to support your personal workouts or elevate your fitness facility for higher user retention.








Fitness Flooring FAQs

Which tiles are best for a gym?
Rubber floor tiles are often considered the best for gym spaces due to their superior shock absorption, anti-fatigue properties and sound insulation. The best tiles for a gym depend entirely on the type of workout space you’re creating. At Gym Flooring, we offer a wide range of rubber tiles to accommodate the many different types of exercise, from light, functional training to heavy-duty weightlifting.
How thick should gym floor tiles be?
The thickness of rubber flooring for your gym will need to correspond with the type of exercise you do and the intensity of your workouts. For lower-impact exercises or home gyms with light use, thinner tiles like our 11mm Sprung PRO gym matting will do the job nicely. But for more intense workouts like weightlifting, thicker rubber tiles like 30mm Sprung PRO gym tiles would provide better shock absorption and floor protection. If you’re not sure which tile thickness you need, our team are more than happy to help. We’ll work with you to determine the best product for your needs.
Are gym tiles waterproof?
Absolutely! The majority of our fitness flooring products are waterproof or water-resistant. This means they can easily handle sweat and spills. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to clean, which makes them a fantastic solution for home and commercial gyms where easy maintenance is crucial. Check out our cleaning guide to see just how easy our gym flooring options are to maintain.
Do you need to glue down rubber gym flooring?
Glueing down rubber gym flooring isn’t always necessary. Many of our rubber tiles can be laid over most surfaces without needing adhesives. Some of our flooring options come with interlocking features for easy assembly and stability. However, it might be necessary to use adhesives to secure the floor more firmly in larger and high-traffic areas. For more information about fitting gym flooring, check out our video guide.



Got more questions about rubber gym flooring? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions and help you find the perfect flooring for your home gym. 

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