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Interlocking Rubber Gym Mat Tiles

Interlocking Rubber Gym Mat Tiles

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Why should I opt for Interlocking Rubber Gym Mat Tiles?

Interlocking gym flooring is the go-to solution for simple and efficient installation. DIY friendly, our range of Konnecta interlocking rubber tiles and self locking Puzzle mats can be fitted to all surfaces including concrete or plywood, without a specialist contractor or tools. If you want to save time and money by reducing labour costs, opt for an interlocking rubber mat option for your home gym or commercial facility.

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Why Choose Interlocking Exercise Mats?


Interlocking floor mats not only make the whole installation process much easier, they also provide extra stability.  Likewise, some interlocking floor mats such as our Konnecta series bind each tile securely together to ensure there is no movement and the surface remains in position during the most intense workouts.

As well as making installation easier and faster to carry out, interlocking rubber flooring tiles cut out the cost of adhesive and specialist installers making for a much more cost effective solution. 

Interlocking flooring UK has become increasingly popular for these reasons so let's look at the ranges we offer in more detail.  From 'hidden connection' tiles to Puzzle mats, we have an exciting and versatile range of interlocking gym mats for sale to suit all applications, whether you are creating a gym facility from the ground up or simply adding a home gym space to your garage. 


Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles UK Options

Konnecta Interlocking Rubber Mat Range


Using clever plastic connectors which remain hidden to the underside of the tile, this premium gym floor collection self-lock for an ultra stable and smooth installation. Suitable for a wide range of workout types and levels of use from floor exercises to free weights training, Konnecta offers high comfort and protection while safeguarding against damage to equipment or your subfloor and is available in a number of thickness, tile size and colour options. This money saving solution significantly reduces overall costs by removing the need for contractors or installation tools.

Puzzle Interlocking Rubber Matting


Similar to the Konnecta system, our Puzzle interlocking rubber mats are jigsaw shaped which allows for an easy slot-in installation. There are small tiles to larger profile options available in a wide choice of colours and thickness options suitable for home gym and commercial gym applications.


  • 4 Year Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Versatile use from functional fitness to Weight Training and CrossFit
  • High Durability
  • Low Maintenance & Easy Cleaning
  • Suitable for both Home Gyms and Commercial Gym Applications
  • Maximum Comfort & Cushioning
  • Manufactured using Cold Mold process
  • Superior Shock Absorption for complete body support during light to high intensity exercise
  • Supports Heavy Gym Equipment
  • Sound & Vibration Reduction
  • Thermal Insulation

FAQ - Interlocking Gym Mat Tiles

Are interlocking mat easy to install without a specialist installer?

Yes both our Konnecta tiles and puzzle tiles are really easy to fit DIY.  We also provide easy to follow video installation guidelines and installation manuals for both types which are available on the product pages.

What thickness options are available with the interlocking tiles?

Our Konnecta range is available in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses.  For our puzzle range, the tiles start at 6mm up to 15mm.  Our interlocking outdoor tiles are available in 30mm and 40mm options. If you are considering foam tiles, our interlocking options are available in 20mm and 40mm.

What interlocking tile design options are there?

We offer the following options in our Konnecta range -  Fleckz options in 6 colours as well as Snowflake, Seahawk, Navagio, JamSmash, Matterhorn and Velvet Black.  Puzzle Tiles come in Black and Fleckz colour options. Our outdoor tiles come in 3 colours (Red/Black and Green).

Opt for Interlocking Rubber Mats for super simple, cost-saving Installation


To get more details on our interlocking rubber gym mats, enquire about stock and delivery or need some advice, please feel free to get in touch with our Customer Service Team


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