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5 Most Popular Gym Flooring Products

Margaret-Anne Leckie |

5 Most Popular Gym Flooring Products

Whether you’re building a home gym to incorporate more fitness into your daily routine or upgrading your commercial gym flooring, you need to find the right products. To save you time and effort researching the best gym flooring products, we’ve done the work for you. This list is a collection of our most popular gym flooring tiles and rolls to help you narrow down your choice and perfectly support your needs and requirements. 


In this article: 

  • Should You Choose Gym Tiles or Fitness Rolls? 
  • 5 Most Popular Gym Flooring Products 

Should You Choose Gym Tiles or Fitness Rolls? 

When researching gym flooring, you likely come across the question of whether rubber gym flooring tiles are better than fitness rolls. The best choice for your project depends on a few different factors. It’s not that tiles are always better than rolls; it’s about finding the best solution for your budget, space, needs, and equipment. 


Rubber Fitness Rolls 

Rubber rolls are ideal for covering large spaces and tend to produce very little waste. The thickness ranges from about 4mm to 10mm. Fitness rolls are fitted like carpet; you simply roll it out to the edges of the room. Because it is one block of material, it creates a seamless and crisp finish. 

One thing to keep in mind is that rubber fitness rolls are heavy. So, it does require some heavy lifting and professional installation. This is why rolls are more suited towards commercial settings, as it’s unlikely that you have a huge space in a home gym. That’s not to say that’s always the case. 


Rubber Gym Tiles 

You can easily find fitness flooring to support your style and workout. Rubber gym tiles come in a variety of forms like straight-edged, interlocking, and jigsaw. You will find that rubber gym tiles are often the go-to fitness surface. This is because you can install them easily and quickly. They vary in thickness and can go up to a huge 60mm for seriously heavy weightlifting. As you can buy tiles individually, you can purchase the right number for the space you have. 

5 Most Popular Gym Flooring Products 

When choosing your rubber gym fitness flooring, you need to watch for the type of material, thickness, features, and applications. If you plan on lifting very heavy weights, you should avoid flooring specific for yoga and low-impact exercise. Here are five of our most popular gym flooring products. 


1. 20mm Sprung

The 20mm Sprung Rubber Heavy Duty Gym Tile is a great starting point for fitness flooring. The tiles are heavy enough to support an intense workout while helping to avoid the risk of injury to yourself or the subfloor. These are a staple from the Sprung product line and ideal for mid to high impact activities. Because the tiles are pretty hefty, you don’t have to use any adhesive in the installation. 


2. Konnecta Fleckz 

If you’re looking for something a little more interesting, the Konnecta Fleckz Self-Locking Tiles are ideal. You have a choice of colours and textures to suit your style. The 20mm tiles use a high-quality HD rubber and are super easy to assemble. They feature a unique self-locking system for maximum structural support. 


3. 20mm Coloured Tiles 

For those looking for a splash of colour, the 20mm Sprung Coloured Tiles should be your go-to choice. Choose from a range of colours to suit your decor, including orange, blue, and green. The smooth TPE top layer has plenty of shock absorption and non-slip properties. You can use these tiles for high impact exercise and free weights zones in a commercial or home gym.


4. Konnecta Velvet Black 

The Sprung Konnecta Velvet Black is a slick, premium solution for professional gyms and studios. They feature a self-locking system for easy installation. The velvet black surface is soft to touch with a gentle sheen and dark. It’s a luxuriously smooth surface that looks high-end and elegant. 


5. Stone Grey Roll 


If you’re looking for a good level of versatility, the Stone Grey Rubber Gym Flooring is a great choice. The light grey colour creates more space and allows light to flood into a room. With several different thicknesses available, you can find the right size for your needs. The fitness roll is suitable for a range of activities like yoga, spinning, and cardio.


When buying gym flooring products, you’re looking for key features like noise-cancelling, anti-shock, and non-slip. You then need to narrow down your choice based on space and purpose. By taking the right steps, you can invest in gym flooring that will last and support your specific requirements.  

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