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Benefits of Foam Flooring for Gaming & Play Rooms

Richard McKay |

Benefits of Foam Flooring for Gaming & Play Rooms

If you’re looking for a fun and functional flooring option for your kid’s nursery or playroom, look no further. EVA Tiles are the ideal solution for anyone with kids. Plus they come in several options, so you can find one that suits your exact needs. 

Each tile is dual-toned and reversible, so you can flip it over to change the colour. They are available in a gray/black version, if you’re looking for something that will blend in, or red/blue if you want to add some colour to the room. 

They also come in two different thicknesses. There is a 20mm, as well as a 40 mm option if you’d like something thicker. Plus there are bulk discounts, so the more tiles that you buy, the cheaper each individual tile will be. 

There are tons of benefits to installing this type of flooring, especially for kids’ rooms. Here are just a few of the advantages of EVA tiles:

They Provide Extra Safety

Kids tend to tumble and trip a lot, especially during playtime. That’s why EVA Tiles can be such a great addition to any playroom. They’ll cushion the landing if the children fall down, which can help prevent injury. Plus, they’re non-slip, which means they’ll help prevent accidents from occurring in the first place. Not to mention that these tiles are so soft, that if they stumble, instead of crying, your kids will go right back to playing without missing a beat. 

Kids playing with foam mat

Foam Flooring Is More Comfortable Than The Floor

Standing or kneeling on hardwood or traditional tile flooring can be hard on your body. EVA Tiles are soft and kind to the feet and knees and they won’t cause crawling kids to experience friction burn. This means everything from martial arts practice to playtime can go on longer without being interrupted. These tiles help ensure that there are fewer limits on fun. 

Foam Mats Are Easy To Clean

Kids are amazing in many ways, including being amazing at making messes. Carpets and rugs simply can’t stand up to the average toddler. Paint, juice, and anything else that can cause a stain will be spilled right away, which leaves ugly discolorations that can be really hard, if not impossible, to remove. EVA Tiles, on the other hand, are easy to keep sparking clean since they won’t absorb liquid. You’ll just need to wipe them down occasionally, and you’ll be good to go!

They Add Some Colour To The Room

EVA Tiles are available to purchase in bright colours. They come in both red and blue, which makes them a perfect addition to any nursery or playroom since they add a fun flair to the decor that kids are sure to love. Plus, they are reversible, so you can switch up the colour scheme later on if you want. 

Play area with EVA tiles

Play Matting is Easy To Install

EVA Tiles come in a jigsaw shape, which means they will fit right in with any kid’s room. However, this offers more than just aesthetics. It also means that they are very convenient to put down and require no special skills to install. You can simply pop them in place! This is also great because it allows them to be relocated or removed temporarily as needed. 

Jigsaw mat Eva Tiles

They Are Super Durable

Kids are tough on just about everything, so it can be challenging to find flooring solutions that won’t get scuffed or roughed up during activities and playtime. Fortunately, EVA Tiles are very resistant to wear and tear. They’ll even stand up to repetitive movement, so if the kids are practicing a martial arts formation or a dance routine, they won’t get worn out. 

They Can Offer Protection To Your Existing Flooring

Certain types of floors, like hardwood flooring, can add a lot of value to your home. However, they can also be vulnerable when active kids are playing on top of them. EVA Tiles are a great solution. They can cover up your floor without causing any damage, so you're able to keep your hardwood in pristine shape. 

Foam Matting Reduces Sound

Children can get pretty loud, but EVA Tiles can help soften the noise. These tiles have insulation properties, which means that they will help muffle any sound. So even if your playroom is on an upper level, you’ll be less likely to hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet running around when you’re below them.

They Can Act As A Great Insulator

EVA Tiles can also help insulate against more than just noise. They’re great for the cold too. So if your home gets chilly in the winter, they’ll help keep your children’s tiny feet warm. No need to crank the heat with EVA Tiles installed! 

As you can see, there are tons of reasons to install EVA Tiles in your kids’ room. If you’d like to learn more, please visit this link.  


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