Home Gym Workouts

Home Gym Workouts

If you’re working out at home and not seeing results it can be frustrating and demotivating. We look at common reasons for why your workout at home may not be giving you the return you are looking for and some general tips on how to get more from your efforts.



    Challenge Yourself On a Regular Basis

    When you workout regularly at home your body becomes accustomed to the level and scale of your chosen routine and becomes fitter and stronger.  You then need to modify your programme to suit this.  By not giving yourself enough challenge in your plan, your body will stablilise at this stage and not progress to the next level of fitness.  To avoid becoming stagnant, regularly scale up your routines, try new sets and be creative to keep motivation levels up.

    Invest In Gym Equipment Essentials & Use Them Well

    Many people spend alot of time, money and energy buying expensive gym equipment without considering the best way to utilise or reap the benefits of the kit they are using.  Investing in staple gym essentials such as good quality DumbbellsBarbells and Weight Plates sets the foundations of a well balanced but versatile fitness regime.  Looking for high value Starter Kit's that offer the staples you need at competitive prices will keep you focused on the workout content.

    Choose the Best Workout Time to Suit You

    Early morning sessions are not for everyone.  Being too strict with specific timescales or squeezing workouts in when you feel less motivated can result in losing your momentum or result in dull and repetitive workout plans.  Be flexible with your day and opt for a time when you naturally feel more energised to put the work in and go for it.

    Make Sure Your Form is On Point

    For maximum safety when using gym equipment or performing exercises moves, good form is key.  Similarly, your core position should be on the ball to ensure you are working the correct muscle groups and getting the best out of your workout.  Spending the time to master your form and technique will elevate overall results.  Research form for each workout online or invest in a short course with a P.T. trainer to get you started.

    Get Your Home Gym Envirnoment Right

    Having in the correct safety features of a Gym space will not only protect against injury or damage but this allows for a worry-free, professional environment for focusing on your workout content and achieving your goals.  Sourcing good quality gym flooring or a suitable fitness mat as well as the proper storage solutions for gym equipment will not only keep you safe but will create a proper setting to maximise your performance and see results.  A comfortable fitness mat is essential for staying motivated and pushing yourself to the next level.



    In order to see and feel results, a fitness strategy needs to be well managed in terms of timing, content and regularity.  Consider what, how and when you perform your best and regularly track your progress. By applying a personalised and varied approach to your routine will help you achieve your goals.

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