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How to Turn Your Garage into a Home Gym ?

Richard McKay |

Garage into a Home Gym
Garage into a Home Gym

Does the idea of driving through heavy traffic to a late-night gym session sound unappealing? Or maybe you’re tired of your overpriced gym membership? Since the convenience of our gym location can be a huge factor in determining our motivation levels for working out, why not transform your garage into a home gym? Working out from a home gym doesn’t have to be a distinct dream any longer. Here’s how to get started! 


Choose Quality Garage Gym Flooring- Garage into a Home Gym 

Your flooring will be one of the most vital components within your garage gym, so it’ll need to be comfortable as well as practical. Choosing quality garage gym flooring will protect your garage’s foundation as well as prevent any loud reverb throughout your home when dropping equipment. For inspiration, check out our Sprung ® rubber fitness flooring and rolls collection to find the perfect fit for your garage gym. 


Install Comfortable Home Gym Features

Nobody wants to work out in a dingy, poorly lit area. If your garage suffers from poor lighting, consider installing modern lighting fixtures that keep you feeling energetic and motivated. Not only will a well-lit area provide a pleasant, inviting environment to work out in, but it’ll also help you to avoid any workout related injuries. You may also want to consider installing a heater or insulating your garage door to take the edge off the colder winter months. 


Maximise your Floor Space 

Try to keep your garage gym as simple and free of clutter as possible. This way, you’ll be able to complete your workouts free of distraction and avoid any slips or falls! Before purchasing any equipment, it can be helpful to measure out your floor space to get a visual idea in your mind of what you will be working with. To further maximise space in your garage gym, try storing larger cardio equipment such as running machines in spare rooms in your home. You can also try placing the likes of hanging equipment on walls. To maintain good form and take progress pictures, make sure to also hang a mirror in your garage gym! 

Decide on Gym Equipment

Most garages lack space, so you’ll need to try to dial down on which equipment you’ll be using the most to complete your workouts. If you can afford the space, a squat rack can be an ideal addition to any garage gym due to their multipurpose features - they can allow you to perform popular exercise such as squats, push presses, pull ups, and more. Try investing in small, versatile equipment such as medicine balls, kettlebells, and weights, and keep them organised on a rack to optimise space. 


Make it Your Personal Workout Space

Inject some flair into your fitness space and make your personal workout space a place of motivation. Find inspiration through wall quotes, art prints, or even a whiteboard to write down and keep track of all your fitness goals. Through adding these personal touches, you’ll be able to create an exciting workout space that you look forward to using in your free time. Whatever motivates you, display it in your view to act as a potent reminder and help you grow and challenge yourself to achieve your fitness targets. 

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