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What Are The Best Uses For Gym Flooring?

Richard McKay |

What Are The Best Uses For Gym Flooring?

Gym flooring is durable and long-lasting. Due to the high-quality materials, there are several uses of for gym flooring. With a range of materials and colours available, you can create the perfect space for you. Whether it’s a new Pilates studio or a home free weights room to boost your gains, there are multiple ways you can use fitness flooring. Keep reading to find out the best material for gym flooring and six ways you can use it in your next project. 

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  • What is the Best Material for Gym Flooring? 
  • 6 Top Uses for Gym Flooring 

What is the Best Material for Gym Flooring? 

From rubber and wood to foam and sprint tracks, you have a lot of options when it comes to gym flooring. So, what is the best material for your gym floor? Well, the answer tends to be dependent on how you intend to use the space and what your goals are. 

Generally, one of the most popular materials is rubber. This is because it’s super durable, versatile, shock absorbent, and features anti fatigue properties. Considering that rubber flooring is made to handle large amounts of foot traffic, moisture, and heavy equipment, it can actually meet the specific needs of different facilities. Whether it’s a home office that doubles up as the kids’ playroom or a CrossFit gym, the versatility of rubber is one of the reasons it’s so popular. 


Rubber flooring is available in both tiles and rolls. Rolls of rubber gym flooring are already widely used for non-fitness facilities. With rubber flooring rolls, you get a seamless and unified look that’s easy to install. You’ll be surprised at the high-quality of rubber gym flooring, making it suitable for an infinite number of uses. If you’re looking for a premium look and feel that’s durable and will last, rubber flooring should be your first stop. 

6 Top Uses for Gym Flooring

These are just a few of the ways you can use gym flooring in both home and commercial settings. Make the most out of premium and durable materials and create a versatile space that you love. 

Weights Room 

A lot of weights rooms, fitness facilities and garage gyms are built on concrete flooring. While this is fine for an industrial setting, you need a durable and supportive foundation for weights. Create the ideal weights room with rubber fitness tiles or rolls and energise your fitness space. Rubber flooring helps to absorb the impact of the weights, reducing noise, and prevent scuffs and scratches on your equipment. 

Yoga Home Studio

Dance Studio

Flooring such as Sprung’s smart fit wood flooring is a great option for dance, fitness, and yoga flooring. Wooden flooring has a sleek finish and plenty of grip for any floor work, suitable for both a home and community yoga studio. 

CrossFit Gym 

When it comes to CrossFit flooring, your best option is rubber. If you’re doing CrossFit sessions, you need a supportive foundation. As CrossFit includes a range of exercises from Plyometric movements to dropping weights, a soft floor like foam isn’t suitable. Considering that many CrossFit workouts include performing exercises in the same spot, you need a high-quality and durable flooring material. 

HIIT Training 


HIIT or high-intensity interval training is a massively popular workout that challenges the body in a short time. It consists of exercises like squats, high knees, lunges, and crunches. Although foam is a comfortable choice, it can wear and tear pretty easily. If you plan on doing a lot of HIIT training either at a home gym or boutique studio, rubber is a good option. Choose between block colours or mix it up with flecked flooring. 

Pet Zones 


Gym flooring is suitable for non-fitness uses like creating pet-friendly zones in your home or office. As rubber flooring is naturally non-slip, it’s ideal for kennels and designing pet-friendly areas. Rubber is water-resistant, which is a must-have quality to look for when kitting out your pet’s play and sleep area.

Kids Play Area

Another way to use gym flooring is in your kid’s play area. This works for both a garden play area and public park. Home gym flooring is designed to handle the shock and bounce of exercise, making it a fantastic and safe option for playgrounds. Playground rubber matting is available in different colour-ways to brighten up the play area. 


These are just a handful of ways you can use gym flooring in various settings. When it comes to rubber flooring, its natural characteristics make it a very versatile material. If you’re looking for a foundation that is durable, long-lasting, and provides plenty of traction, gym flooring could be the perfect solution.

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