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Why a Home Air Track is the Best Solution for at home Gymnastics Equipment

Why a Home Air Track is the Best Solution for at home Gymnastics Equipment

Michael Geraghty |

Gymnastics training is an intense, high impact activity that requires specialist equipment to minimise the risk of injury to the body and surrounding surfaces. When attempting to train from home, issues such as space and storage can present a challenge. Even light-hearted gymnastic play needs a proper set-up to ensure there is enough space for fun while remaining safe and supportive.




In this blog we look at gymnastics air track solutions and the key benefits of using an inflatable home air track whether it is for gymnastics practise or play-time tumbling.


  • What is a Home Air Track?

  • Who uses Air Tracks?

  • Can they be for Indoor and Outdoor Use?

  • Key Benefits of an Air Track

What is a Home Air Track?

A home air track is an inflatable gymnastic mat which comes in various lengths, shapes, colours and sizes. It is made of high density PVC with reinforced handles for easy mobility.

The tracks come with an electric pump for fast and simple assembly as well as a storage bag for holding the mat when it is rolled up. Gymnasts are able to tumble, jump and carry out moves with the comfort of a safe and soft landing as the mat absorbs impact and prevents injury.

Who uses Air Tracks?

The main use of inflatable mats are for Gymnastics. The longer length designs available and larger crash mats mean, gymnasts can practice over larger areas. Similarly, air mats can be used for other sports such as parkour, martial arts, some forms of dance and yoga.




Kids play is another popular use of air mats, where children can play and tumble safely without fear of hurting themselves. Suitable for both athletes, professionals and beginners, air tracks are used by people at all levels of fitness and skill aswell as for a variety of sports and disciplines.

Can they be for Indoor and Outdoor Use?

One of the great things about air tracks is their versatility. As well as being suitable for a wide range of activities, air mats can also be used in the garden for summer gymnastics training or play. They are able to withstand varying temperatures as well as suitable for pool use.


Key Benefits of Home Air Tracks

  • Affordable - inflatable mats are less expensive than permanent gymnastics mats

  • Space-saving - inflatable mats take up less space when training at home

  • Portable - simple to handle and lightweight for moving from place to place

  • Easy to assemble with electric pump - fast and quick set-up

  • High Durability - made from strong non toxic PVC for maximum longevity

  • Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors

  • Suitable for Home training and Commercial/Club Use

  • Simple to Repair (come with Puncture Repair Kit)

  • Low Maintenance - easy-clean

Final Thoughts

When choosing the perfect surface solution for Gymnastics at home there are a few key things to consider. Important features such as durability, safety and comfort should be at the top of your list as well as space, price, ease of use and portability. Inflatable home air tracks deliver high on a number of factors making them the ideal option for at home gymnastics equipment.



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