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Why are People Searching for Inflatable Gymnastic Mat UK?

Why are People Searching for Inflatable Gymnastic Mat UK?

Michael Geraghty |

This may be clever SEO on our part but it is also a valid question. Why has Gymnastic Mats and Airtracks become so popular in the UK?

In this short blog we will look at the main reasons as to why tumbling tracks are getting so much attention plus recommendations on our favourite mats for all types and levels of Gymnastics practice.

What is an Air Track?

Air tracks are inflatable surface mats which use air to support and protect the body from injury during high impact gymnastic activities and disciplines such as Parkour and Free Running. They are specially designed to create a comfortable and durable surface for landing while tumbling, vaulting, spinning, jumping and other general sports applications eg Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, some Martial Arts and Dance.


Air Tracks UK

Over the last few years, enhanced quality and design of air tracks has made this surface option one of the most popular solutions in the UK for safe gymnastics practice. The increase in gymnastics being a sport for all as well as various forms such as tumbling and cheerleading becoming more inclusive means a higher demand for air tracks and other gymnastic equipment that can be used from home.

Similarly, there has been more gymnastic clubs sprouting up over the UK with the need for high quality equipment which ensures optimal safety and top performance.

Lets look at the key reasons for investing in a gymnastics mat in more detail.

Simple Assembly

Air track mats are the easiest way to create a safe and protective surface for gymnastics practice without the need for heavy, bulky equipment or using up lots of space. The mats come with an electric pump for quick inflation.

More Affordable

An inflatable gymnastics mat is more affordable than roll-out options or specialist rubber mats which can also take up more space and storage.


Air tracks are made from fantastic quality PVC, robust and ultra durable. They are pressure and bounce tested to ensure they are able to withstand high impact and repetitive use while remaining soft and easy on the body for maximum comfort and support.


Whether you're a professional athlete or budding gymnast, air tracks are compact enough to transport from location to location. Useful for competitions, events and home gymnastics practice, an inflatable air track can be set up and dismantled whenever needed.


Easy to Store

An air track comes with a free carry bag for clever storage which doesn't take up lots of space.

Low Maintenance

Gymnastics mats are easy to keep clean and look after. There is no specialist upkeep costs unlike other surface types and the material is simple to wipe down after use.


An air track is not limited to gymnastics and can be used for parkour, wrestling, dance, cheerleading, leisure activities and water games.

Our Favourite Air Track

Opt for our 3m Inflatable mat which comes in 3 colour options. Made from high density PVC, this non-slip gymnastics mat is the perfect solution for optimal safety and ticks all the boxes for high comfort and durability.


Final Thoughts

It is clear to see why inflatable tracks have become so popular. With gymnastics being more mainstream and people of all ages taking up the discipline as a sport or leisure pursuit, there is more of a need for easily assessible equipment that is simple to use and maintain. Modern airtrack technology has allowed for improved products that satisfy the need for safety, comfort and resilience whether you're practicing gymnastics at home, a gymnastics club or investing in a play surface for your kids.