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Rubber Gym Tiles

Rubber Gym Tiles

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High quality heavy duty gym flooring should be at the core of every gym regime.  Protection, safety and performance are integral elements of training at home, at the gym or at a bespoke work-out space and Gym Flooring has your back.

Our specialised range of Sprung recycled rubber gym floor mats are available in a number of thicknesses (depending on the intensity of your training), bold and neutral colours and designs with unique locking features, matching edge ramps and adhesive for a seamless finish.  Create the perfect platform for your personal gym routine and add your own personality.

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Whether you are looking for Yoga Mats for lightweight activity or a more robust surface for high intensity training, all our rubber floor mats come with a 4 year warranty guarantee against premature fading and cracking.

Why Rubber Gym Flooring?

Rubber gym flooring has numerous benefits which is why it is the most commonly used option for fitness.  Let's look at what rubber gym mats bring to your workout space and why it is the go-to material for both home gym flooring and commercial gyms flooring.

Anti Slip Properties

Rubber tiles are non-slip with built in traction to the surface.  This prevents accidents and injury from slips and falls, an essential element of any gym floor.  Another important aspect of rubber tiles is their anti-fatigue properties.  A popular material used in factories and industrial units, rubber flooring is fantastic for safety and spaces where there is a lot of standing for long periods and high traffic areas.


Our heavy duty gym matting is constructed from recycled truck tires and is designed to withstand high impact exercise, heavy gym equipment and weights as well as heavy traffic.  Exercise equipment like Spin Bikes, Treadmills, Racks with a Weight Bench and storage are all safely supported without causing damage to your subfloor.  At Gym-Flooring, durability and quality is high in our priorities when sourcing our rubber gym flooring.  We select suppliers and products that are tried and tested and made to stand the test of time.

High Protection

A Home Gym or Commercial facility should have surfaces which protect the user and the underfloor.  Our popular PRO tile range is renowned for its excellent shock absorbent qualities and ability to provide additional cushioning and stability to the gym user and the environment.  Inadequate gym flooring can lead to injury resulting in falls, repetitive strain and stress on joints.  Rubber matting is essential to provide maximum protection and shield users from tension while preventing subfloor damage.

Simple Installation

One of the best features of our gym floor mats is the simple fitting.  Super user-friendly, our rubber mats can be installed DIY without any specialist assistance.  They are easily cut to size, and can be fitted with or without adhesive. See our Installation Guidelines to see how easy it really is.

Sound Reduction

Our rubber gym tiles dull sound and minimise noise from weights and exercise equipment, an important factor in home gyms and busy commercial gyms.  Our rubber gym tiles isolate noise and also provide fantastic heat insulation particularly important for garage gyms or older properties.

Easy Maintenance

Rubber flooring is easy to clean, anti-porous and resistant to moisture.  This means your rubber floor will be simple to maintain and keep sanitary avoiding mould and mildew buildup. Cleaning gym flooring is easy to carry out regularly and is cost-effective as there is no specialist cleaning necessary nor costly repairs.  A gym mat only requires to be wiped down with a cloth or damp mop (using a neutral cleaner) and vacuumed or swept clean on a weekly basis.

Interlocking Features

For even easier gym flooring installation, consider our Bestseller Konnecta tile range.  These cleverly designed gym tiles are interconnected using hidden plastic inserts which offer extra stability and ensure there is no movement while you workout. Available in plain black, Grey or coloured flecked designs, Konnecta rubber gym tiles deliver the sleek and uniform finish of a professional gym.


Rubber flooring can sometimes have a bad odour.  We source rubber gym tiles with Binder adhesive in their composition which results in reduced smells.

Strong Aesthetic

Rubber gym tiles look amazing in a commercial gym, PT Studio or home workout space/Home Gym.  Our rubber gym mats have a bevelled edge profile for a polished, slick finish and come with matching rubber ramps and corner pieces to complete the look.

Main Features

  • 100% HD High Quality Recycled Rubber

  • Shock Absorption

  • Sound Insulation

  • Interlocking Features (Konnecta range)

  • Simple Installation

  • Super easy Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Matching edge ramps and adhesive available

  • 11mm to 50mm thicknesses available

  • Colours and Flecked Options Available

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Product Size - 100cm x 100cm

Rubber Gym Tiles V Rubber Gym Rolls

You may have considered rubber gym flooring rolls, a sheet format of rubber as opposed to rubber tiles.  Both products are excellent options for commercial and home gym spaces but it really comes down to the overall shape of your area, the size of your space and the intended use.  Rubber rolls don't come in high thicknesses and usually range from 2mm to 12mm.  Gym rubber tiles come in thickness options from 6mm right up to 60mm giving you much more choice and flexibility particularly if you plan on using weights.  Gym rolls are perfect for areas such as general fitness and spin studios because they do a great job of supporting heavy equipment.  They also work well in large, widespread spaces.  Rubber sheet format is also not as simple to install as rubber gym tiles and you may need specialist assistance whether rubber gym tiles can be fitted DIY without much difficulty.  In terms of waste, rubber rolls are a little more waste efficient as they cover a wider area and it can be easier to cut around tricky corners and unusual shaped rooms.  When it comes down to deciding on gym rubber rolls or rubber tiles, it is important to consider shape, size and purpose as the three important factors.

Can I use Rubber Mat Tiles Outdoors?

The good news is that we also offer outdoor rubber tiles.  Similarly our Anti Shock PRO range (30mm to 50mm) rubber gym tiles also have the capacity to withstand outdoor use.  Our Outdoor Tiles are multi-functional and can be used for fitness, patios and kids play areas for example under swing sets and playhouses.  Available in two thickness, the rubber tiles are critical height approved and have in-built drainage.  Likewise, our Anti Shock PRO range rubber gym tiles have a grooved underside to allow moisture to pass through.  The rubber surface has been treated to manage all weather conditions and will endure seasonal conditions from rain and frost to high temperatures.

Will the sun make my Outdoor Rubber Tiles too Hot?

This is a common question in relation to rubber tile use in exterior spaces.  Like any surface in hot summer weather, rubber tiles will get warm but they will not get hot enough to cause burning or injury.  Rubber retains heat a little longer than stone or ceramic tiles for example but rubber tiles will not become any hotter in the sun than other garden surfaces and materials.  We would advise on taking care (as you would for all surfaces) in very warm weather and checking surfaces especially if you have young children and pets.  

Do You offer Interlocking Tiles?

Yes!  We have two types of rubber interlocking tiles, a hidden insert type (Konnecta) and a Puzzle Gym Tile.  The Konnecta rubber gym tiles are designed for professional gym use and come in a variety of colours and flecked designs.  They have small plastic square inserts which allow each tile to slot together underneath the tile and out of sight.  This provides extra stability and makes the installation process very easy.  Our other rubber gym tile which connect together, are our rubber Puzzle Tiles.  These are a fantastic option for those of us who are not confident with DIY and 'fiddly things'.  The rubber mats have a Jigsaw shaped profile which insert together really easily.  Both rubber gym mats come in different thickness options and styles to suit various tastes.

Can I Repair/Replace Rubber Mats?

Having to replace an entire room’s worth of flooring because a small section got damaged is time-consuming and expensive. With rubber gym tiles, you can remove the damaged ones and leave the rest of the floor in place. Instead of ripping up and replacing a whole floor, you will only have to replace one or two tiles. This is easy enough to do on your own. 

Other Floor Products

At Gym-Flooring we supply various types of rubber tile.  However, we also provide other high quality products used for different purposes.

EVA Foam Tatami Mats

Our Tatami tiles are specially designed for MMA, Martial Arts and Boxing although are widely used in Gymnastic Studios also.  They have a foam construction with the traditional basketweave grid pattern to the soft surface allowing for grip and balance and preventing friction burn.  Due to their resilience and extra cushioning as well as the soft surface to the touch, they are a staple for MMA studios, Boxing Gyms and Dojos.  EVA foam tiles are not ideal for gym areas with heavy machines or weights, but they are great for Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics. 

PVC Court Tiles 

For sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton and Futsal, our PVC modular sports tiles are the perfect solution. They lock together using tab and loop connection points. The mat finish prevents light reflections and glare, and they are designed with a micro-texture surface to provide high levels of traction and slip resistance. They are certified by numerous National and International Sports Federations for use in both indoor and outdoor athletics. Their perforated design is especially helpful in outdoor settings as it allows water to drain off the tiles instead of pooling on the surface.

Stable Floors

Rubber Stable tiles are considered gold standard when it comes to Equestrian flooring.  Unlike other stable flooring, rubber tiles are cost-effective, easy to maintain and keep clean and deliver the safety and anti fatigue properties needed to keep animals comfortable while preventing accidents.  The hardwearing, heavy duty rubber tiles are made to endure heavy loads and will last for many years without the need for replacement.  Additionally, rubber will not absorb moisture, an important factor in Stables where water is used regularly to wash down horses and for general housekeeping.  Importantly, rubber mats also assist in insulating heat and keeping animals dry and warm in colder months.

Playground Safety Mats

You will notice that many recreation parks and outdoor play centres use rubber flooring to support play equipment such as slides and swings. This is because high density rubber tiles are extremely durable with a long lifecycle and help to protect children from injury if they happen to slip and fall during play.  Our anti slip Playground Rubber Flooring  are critical fall approved, come in 2 thickness options and are simple to fit DIY. They are self-draining with built in moisture channels, are fully weather-proof and can be fitted in any uneven space or rough ground.  As an ideal outdoor floor solution for a back garden play spot or for commercial use, our Playground Tiles come in 3 popular colours. 

Not sure what rubber tile is right for You?

Feel free to contact our Customer Care team to discuss your needs in more detail, order FREE Samples to get a look and feel of the different options available or get in touch for delivery, stock and price queries.

Here's a quick outline of the different thickness options for our rubber gym floors and gym suitability:-

11mm - Light impact activity - Maximum weight 100kg

15mm - Light to Medium impact activity - Maximum weight 110kg

20/23mm - Medium impact activity - Maximum weight 140kg

30/33mm - Medium to High impact activity - Maximum weight 200kg

40/43mm - Heavy impact activity - Maximum weight 250kg

50/53mm - Very Heavy impact activity - Maximum weight 300kg


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