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Working out in the summer can be challenging. When the temperatures soar, it can make exercise feel even tougher. Keeping your garage gym cool in the summer is key to working out more comfortably. Fortunately, you can find ways to keep your garage gym cooler and make exercise more comfortable all year round. 

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  1. Work Out in Your Garage Gym This Summer
  2. 6 Tips: How to Keep Your Garage Gym Cool
  3. Work Out at the Right Time
  4. Add Powerful Fans
  5. Install a Ceiling Fan
  6. Garage Insulation is Key
  7. Remove the Clutter
  8. Think about your garage door paint colour

Work Out in Your Garage Gym This Summer

Sometimes it feels like the temperature in a garage gym is perfect for only part of the year. It can feel too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer. Your heating and ventilation of your home gym will impact your workouts. If you’re feeling too warm and the room is stuffy, it can affect your performance. 

It’s important to find ways to keep cool over the summer so that you can muster the motivation to work out. Consistency is essential with exercise, and if you can find ways to make it as comfortable, you can keep showing up for yourself. When you exercise in the summer, it’s essential that you stay hydrated, wear light clothing, and really know your limits. 

6 Tips: How to Keep Your Garage Gym Cool

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Depending on your garage set-up and house, you may feel the effects of the changing seasons more drastically. If you want to get your garage gym to a comfortable temperature, there are several things you can do to improve the environment, so you can work out all year round. 

Work Out at the Right Time

work out in the morning

Be sensible about when you exercise. In scorching weather, choose the right time of the day to exercise. This means heading to your garage gym either early in the morning or in the evening. Exercise before work or after work during the summer and wait for a dip in temperature. Planning your exercise at the right time is key to working out in a cool garage gym. 

Add Powerful Fans

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Fans are one of the least expensive ways to cool down a room. If you don’t have an air conditioning unit or don’t want to invest in one, powerful fans are a good temporary option. You can place household fans to improve airflow and provide some relief from the hot weather. 

Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are an energy-efficient way to make a room feel cooler. If you’re looking for ways to keep a room cool throughout the year, installing a ceiling fan can help to keep you cool during a workout. A constant flow of air can keep your body cool to improve performance and increase comfort. 

Garage Insulation is Key

If you’re struggling with the heat in your garage, consider looking at your garage insulation. The insulation can help to reduce the amount of heat transferred. It can also keep your cool air from escaping outside of the room. Insulating the garage also helps to keep the heat in during winter and regulate the temperature throughout different seasons. 


Remove the Clutter

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Keeping your garage organised and clutter-free helps to maintain good airflow. Things like boxes and bulky items can obstruct your airflow. Any clutter also limits how you can use your garage. 

Think about garage door colour

garage door colour

The colour you paint your garage door can impact how much light the door absorbs. Painting your garage door and walls white can help by reflecting sunlight and reducing the heat in the garage. 

Mats for garage gym can be a great way to keep your garage gym cool this summer. They can provide a comfortable environment to exercise in and help to maximize your performance. Mats can also help to protect your floor from damage and make cleanup after your workout easier.

You can find ways to keep your garage gym cool this summer so that you can continue to work out even in the hot months. Maximise your performance and create a comfortable environment to exercise no matter the weather.

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