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From Games Mats to Statement Beds - 5 Style Ideas for Kid's Bedrooms

Michael Geraghty |

From Games Mats to Statement Beds - 5 Style Ideas for Kid's Bedrooms

Designing a kids' bedroom in today’s digital world poses a few more challenges than a traditional renovation project . It's not just about creating a space for rest; it's about crafting an environment that ignites their imagination and fosters creativity allowing children to play independently and experiment with different interests whether that be through interactive play or personal hobbies.

From vibrant foam play mats to cosy seating and standout bed designs, every element contributes to a room that feels like a space your child can retreat to and spend quality time in. Here are five style ideas to spark inspiration for designing the perfect kids' bedroom.

Themed or Coloured Foam Play Mats for Gaming

Fuel their sense of adventure with a bedroom that inspires exploration and discovery. Opt for foam play mats that resemble colour themes from favourite games or tv shows such as Minecraft or Adoptme.   Carve out an area for kids to safely tumble and bounce while protecting them for hard falls and at the same time, engaging them in creative play time.  The mats can be used for interactive gaming activities, providing enough space to move around or simply to create a zone for lego building or playing board games. 

Foam mats come in various colours, thicknesses and sizes which are designed to slot together like jigsaw pieces for a quick and easy installation.  The good news is, that these style of mats can be moved around and reconfigured in any layout as your child grows and perhaps changes their room design. 

Affordable, easy to clean and anti-bacterial, foam play mats are the ideal accompaniment to a kids bedroom space, adding extra comfort and safety with a splash of bold colour. 

We like these Reversible Dual Colour Foam Mats in Grey/Black for a cool and neutral look that works in all styles of bedroom. 

Opt for a Statement Bed Design 

Select a bed that delivers both great design and functionality such as the Recoil Shuttle LED Gaming High Sleeper bed from Bedkingdom who also offer a wide range of stylish beds for kids with built-in gaming and storage solutions. 



In various sizes, colours and with options for added features such as extra storage and ladder accessories, this bed option ticks all the boxes for a kids multi-functional sleeping space.

Create a Gaming Station 

Set up a gaming station with a sleek desk equipped with a comfortable chair designed for interactive gaming which can be switched up as a homework desk for study or reading.

Teens and kids will love this gaming desk from DLongone (Amazon) with built-in hooks and holders and extended screen for quality game sessions. 

Include a Chilled Seating Area 

Setting up  a comfortable seating area in a kids’ room gives children their own space to relax in and comfortably enjoy time with friends.  From beanbags and pouffes to mini sofa beds and armchairs, there are tons of plush seating options for creating a chill-out area for children to unwind after school, read books or watch their favourite shows.

This cosy cord beanbag sofa from LoungePug at BigBertha Original is a versatile option which doubles up as a bed for overnight guests.

Choose Quirky Display Shelves & Cabinets 

Storage is an essential feature for any bedroom and a kids’ room is one space that demands proper storage solutions to handle the avalanche of toys, games and clothes.

To separate the special items from the toy staples, why not opt for some quirky display shelves to house all your kids favourite collections? From Hexagon hanging shelves to corner units and display cabinets, there is a plethora of clever storage ideas to showcase your kids prized pieces.

We love the flexible Kallax shelving system from Ikea which comes in a huge range of sizes and colours to suit all spaces.  The range also supplies storage box options for smaller items so you can maximise storage even more efficiently.

Creating a kids bedroom that delivers both in functionality and visual appeal can be tricky. Opt for a few select pieces that will create an impact such as a statement bed or coloured play mats and carefully consider the layout so you can include the activities they enjoy and will get the most out of. 

Choosing a few practical and stylish items that add a touch of character is the best way of achieving a space that doesn’t limit you to a specific layout and design they will outgrow quickly, meaning they have a space they can enjoy for years to come.