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Sprung Flooring : What is it and When is the Best Time to Use it

Richard McKay |

Sprung flooring


Sprung flooring is considered the best choice for indoor sports, dance, and physical education.  A sprung floor system offers better protection, reduces the chances of injuries, and enhances performance. 

With activities like dance, fitness, and gymnastics, it’s important to consider the way athletes interact with the floor. There’s a reason why sprung flooring is so popular for these types of activities. Keep reading to find out exactly what sprung flooring is and four different ways you can use it.

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What is Sprung Flooring


Sprung flooring is a type of flooring construction commonly used in activities where specific properties such as shock absorption and energy return are desirable. This is to help reduce injuries that may occur from repeated impact like gymnastics. 

In dance and fitness, you need a floor that has the right level of traction as well as good feedback. It should absorb impact as you move and create a good flow. All of this helps to enhance performance and allow a person to work at an optimum level. 

A good sprung flooring system helps to absorb shock and give a softer feel to the movement. It also plays a big role in the aesthetic of a studio. You can choose between wood and vinyl sprung flooring. If you’re designing a dance or yoga flooring and you’re looking for a particular style, you may lean to a wood finish, but we’ll get to that later. 

Typically, a sprung flooring consists of a damp-proof foam membrane, one or two layers of flexible material and a top layer of material. Generally, the top layer is vinyl or wood. High-quality sprung flooring should be slip-resistance, shock-absorbent, and provide plenty of traction and energy return. 


The idea with a sprung flooring system is that you choose a surface suitable for the activity. For example, shock absorption is more important in dance than say a ball-related sport. Sprung floors are designed with certain features in mind to support specific activities and reduce the risk of injury from those movements. 

4 Ways to Use Sprung Flooring

Safety, performance, and durability are all essential characteristics of sports flooring. Here are four ways to use sprung flooring in your next project. 

Dance & Gymnastics Studios



If you dance regularly on concrete or on a surface that directly sits on concrete, it can have a massive effect on your body’s impact on the ground. This means that over time, you can develop fatigue and are more likely to develop things like shin splints, knee issues and lower back problems. 

It’s so important to install a sprung wood flooring solution in a dance and gymnastic settings. On top of the protection it provides to the body, wood sprung flooring has a fantastic and professional finish that enhances the look and feel of your studio. Wooden sprung flooring is one of the top choices for dance and gymnastic studios. It provides the right level of bounce and feedback that dancers need to perform at their best. 

Martial Arts Gym 



With martial arts, you have a lot of repeated movements and impact on the body. The composition of the flooring can impact performance. From beginners to pro athletes, martial arts flooring creates a safe base. 

Sprung flooring can help reduce the chances of injury from repetitive movements and minimise injury. Sprung vinyl sports flooring is a fantastic option for martial arts gyms as it features a non-slip resistance with plenty of shock absorption. 

Sports Centre or Community Hall



Sprung flooring is suitable for sports centres and community halls. Often, you don’t tend to look at the flooring when visiting your local sports centre, but the majority of leisure facilities use sprung flooring. This is because it creates the right foundation for a range of activities such as football, badminton, and more. 

Sports centres usually require a versatile flooring solution so that they can cater to a wider user base. Sprung flooring features multiple layers of material to create a bouncy yet firm surface with good energy return, to maximise functionality and space. Community halls and sports centres are more likely to welcome a range of fitness and non-fitness activities, including market stalls, dancing, physical education, and gym sessions. 

School Gym and Sports Hall


If you’re looking to update a school gym and sports hall, a sprung flooring system is a simple and efficient solution. School sports halls need to cater for multiple activities including circuits, football, badminton, dance, the occasional exam, and even parent’s evening. By creating the safest environment possible, you can craft a versatile facility that has multiple applications. 

A school gym or sports hall often has many uses, so it needs to be long-lasting, easy to maintain, and durable. The right flooring should last for years to come. In a school and exercise environment, floors can quickly get dusty and muddy from outside shoes. Sprung flooring is low maintenance with a simple installation process. 

Sprung Wood Flooring vs Sprung Vinyl Sports Flooring

When it comes to sprung flooring, generally, you have two options: a wood or vinyl finish. In the majority of cases, the best choice depends on your main activity. The two feature a slightly different design in terms of the number of layers. Let’s break it down. 


Gym Flooring’s sprung wood flooring consists of four layers: shock-absorbing foam, HDF board, 5G click system, and sport parquet. The 5G click system reduces installation time while the foam layer creates great feedback from the floor and shock absorption. Wood sprung flooring is ideal for dance, gymnastics, as well as educational and community centres. The flooring is available with knots or regular markings, depending on your preference. 

Another option is sprung sports vinyl flooring. It features a foam layer with glass fibre reinforcement and a top polyurethane (PUR) layer. Vinyl sprung flooring is slip resistance with excellent durability suitable for various sports, dance, and fitness. Sprung vinyl flooring is available in different colours and finishes including oak wood effect, grey, green, and orange. 


The main difference between the vinyl and wood sprung flooring is the installation process. Although both feature innovative installation designs, they do differ slightly. The wood flooring features a 5G click system which does help to speed up the installation process slightly. But the best choice really depends on how you plan to use your facility and the type of movements you’re looking to support. 

Whether you’re opening up a dance studio or looking for a new flooring solution for your local sports centre, sprung flooring could be perfect for your next project. Dancers and gymnasts perform repetitive movements. Therefore, they need to perform on a surface that has plenty of shock-absorption, traction, and good energy return. Considering that the wrong type of material or surface could increase the chances of injury, it’s so important to get the right fitness flooring from the beginning. 

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