Sprung Wood Flooring

When looking for a material that looks great in most environments, there’s a reason why wood flooring is so popular. It looks fantastic and helps to create the style and feel you want. Sprung wood flooring brings the great look and durability that wood provides while delivering support for the body. A sprung flooring system features specific construction to optimise performance, reduce risk of injury, and provide plenty of traction. From a dance studio to a sports hall, keep reading to find out how a wood sprung flooring system could slot into your facility. 

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What is Sprung Wood Flooring?

Sprung Wood Flooring


A sprung flooring features a multilayer construction to absorb shock and impact. This type of flooring is considered the best for dance and fitness studios, indoor sports, and multipurpose fitness facilities. 

If you look at any sports facility, you will notice that it’s softer than concrete or a classic wooden floor. This is because sprung flooring has a layer of support underneath. A shock-absorbing foam layer helps to absorb the impact of exercising, jumping, dancing, or playing sport. With a softer landing for the body, sprung flooring helps to reduce the risk of injury. The flooring is an integral part of indoor sports to enhance performance and allow for safe and quick movement. 

Sprung Wood Flooring


When considering your sports flooring, both performance and aesthetics have a part to play in your decision. Every fitness facility needs a durable, shock-absorbing surface, that is easy to maintain and provides long-lasting performance. Choosing a floor that ticks all your boxes is key to making the best decision for your next project. 

Modern sprung flooring systems contain a shock-absorbing foam layer. Depending on the precise flooring you choose, the layer construction may look a little different from one brand to another. 

Sprung Wood Flooring


Our Sprung Smart Fit Wood flooring system features four separate layers: a foam layer, HDF board, 5G click system and sport parquet. The 5G click system is a unique and innovative click system to speed up the installation process. The flooring slots together seamlessly creating a smooth and professional finish.

Sprung Wood Flooring

What are the Benefits of Sprung Wood Flooring

There are two main reasons to invest in quality sprung wood flooring: injury prevention and performance enhancement. Sprung flooring offers several benefits for both a facility and its members. To help you better understand the different ways sprung flooring enhances performance and prevents injury, here are three benefits of this type of flooring construction. 

Easy Installation 

Sprung Wood Flooring


Our 5G click system means you can save a lot of time and money on the installation process. The flooring slots together seamlessly to create a great finish. This makes SmartFit wood sprung flooring ideal for both personal and professional facilities for several activities, including dance, physical education, and sports centres in the community. 

Optimal Grip Resistance 

Sprung Wood Flooring


Grip resistance and traction play a big role in injury prevention. You need to create a balance that still allows the body to move freely but without slipping over. For example, dancers are constantly moving, and too much traction can increase the risk of injury just as not enough traction. Sprung wood flooring has been designed with dance and fitness in mind to provide optimal grip resistance. 

Shock-Absorbing Underlay 

Sprung Wood Flooring


The shock-absorbing properties of sprung flooring are ideal for dealing with shock and impact. Over time, repetitive movements and exercises can take a toll on joints and bones. Sprung flooring creates a bouncy effect while providing comfort underfoot. This bounce gives users good feedback and encourages a great level of energy return. 

Sprung Wood Flooring

Shock absorption is not only important for safety but playability and performance. Not only does it increase comfort, but it helps to prevent fatigue and allows players to perform for longer at an optimal level. Injury prevention and energy return are vital for performance. If you were to perform a high impact exercise on concrete, your body would experience excess impact stress. This is because the flooring is not absorbing any of the shock. It’s generally more jarring on the joints to work out on a hard surface without any support. 

4 Ways to Use Sprung Wood Flooring 

Sprung wood flooring has several uses across both fitness and non-fitness applications. As it’s durable, easy to maintain, and versatile, it caters to multiple environments. With a strong safety profile and ability to absorb shock, it’s suitable for a range of ages. Here are four ways you can use sprung wood flooring. 

Fitness and Dance Studios 

Sprung Wood Flooring


The most obvious option is in a dance flooring and fitness studios. Often, sprung flooring is the go-to option for fitness and dance. This is because it’s designed to support the body to optimise performance and reduce the risk of injury. In fitness and dance, foot placement, bounce, and traction are all essential. If you use the wrong kind of flooring for this type of exercise, it could increase the risk of injury. Injuries could take days if not weeks to recover from. 

Community Halls

Sprung Wood Flooring


Community halls tend to need a versatile and multipurpose flooring. One day you might be holding a meeting and the next day a yoga class. By installing a surface that enhances performance and provides plenty of traction, you can create a safe foundation for several uses. As sprung wood flooring is easy to clean and maintain, it doesn’t require any special treatment and should last for years to come. 

Sports Centres and School Gyms 

Sprung Wood Flooring


Sports centres and school gyms mainly host sports and exercise. However, these types of facilities need to be multipurpose. In a school gym, you can hold an after school badminton club or be hosting parents evening. With a sports centre, they tend to be used for some racket sports like badminton as well as fitness classes and the occasional child’s party or community event. Creating a space that is multifunctional and safe while enhancing sport performance is key. These types of areas usually see a ton of traffic from school children and the public. It’s crucial the sports centre flooring can handle a high level of traffic. 

Church Halls 

Sprung Wood Flooring


Similar to school gyms and community halls, church halls need to be a versatile space. From church events to Christmas markets and meditation classes, they have a lot of applications. Sprung wood flooring not only looks great but provides a safe base to perform several activities. Whether it’s fitness related or not, a sprung flooring system will support the body and reduce the impact on your joints. 

Choosing the right flooring for your project can be time-consuming. But it will all pay off in the long-run. Whether your needs are primarily sport-specific or venture into non-fitness applications, the right flooring can provide comfort and safety. If you’re looking to create a new dance studio or your community hall needs new flooring, a sprung wood system could be just what you’re looking for. 

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