The Best Professional Floor Options for Strength Training

When you’re strength training and weightlifting, you need the right flooring for a strong foundation. A home gym is a significant investment, and you need to create a safe workout environment by protecting the subfloor and your body. Weightlifting can take its toll on your joints, so it’s important that your flooring is absorbing shock and impact. Lifting weights requires specific flooring to do it safely to protect the room, equipment, and yourself.

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Choosing the Right Flooring for Strength and Weight Training 


For strength and weight training the go-to material for flooring is often rubber. This is because rubber is durable and offers plenty of beneficial properties for this type of fitness. You can find a range of flooring suitable for fitness like vinyl, wood, and foam. But when you add extremely heavy weights into the mix, it narrows down your choice. 

Depending on your weightlifting and type of training, you will need to choose the best flooring to support your specific needs. With free weights flooring, you have several different options to choose from such as rolls, tiles, and mats. If you’re creating a permanent home gym rather than a temporary workout space, some options will be more suited to you than others.  

Good quality flooring decreases the sound and vibration of falling weights. You must choose a floor that is tough enough to handle strength training and heavy weights. The best flooring features non-slip properties, plenty of traction, and shock-absorbing qualities.

4 Top Flooring for Strength Training and Weightlifting 

It’s important that you look for gym rubber flooring containing high-quality materials. The quality of materials is essential to the experience and performance of the product. Here are four of the top options for strength training and weightlifting.

Sprung 20mm Premium Colour Gym Tiles 

Sprung’s 20mm Premium Colour Gym Tiles come in six vibrant colours. These rubber tiles feature a high-grade TPE top layer for maximum shock absorption and durability for high impact exercise and free weights training. These are an ideal addition to any home gym, especially if you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your fitness space. These gym mats for weightlifting are sturdy enough for a range of activities, but not suitable for very heavy weightlifting. 

Sprung Rubber Antishock Gym Tiles


Sprung’s Rubber AntiShock Gym Tile range is available in a range of thicknesses from 11mm to a whopping 60mm. For hardcore weight training and Olympic weightlifting, the 60mm thickness is ideal. It provides optimum shock absorption, sound insulation, and non-slip safety for the most extreme of weight training sessions. 

Sprung Konnecta Premium Interlocking Gym/Fitness Tiles


For those looking for a super simple installation process, the Sprung Konnecta Premium Self-Locking Tiles are a good solution for training areas and home gyms.  They come with adjoining plastic connectors to keep the tiles in position for maximum stbility. The tiles use quality HD rubber with simple assembly and maximum structural support for high impact activity. Available in 20mm and 30mm, these ultra-smooth tiles are ideal for medium to heavy weights, strength and conditioning, and functional training. 

Sprung Rubber Heavy Duty Gym Tiles


Sprung Rubber Heavy Duty Gym Tiles are a popular choice for complete quality, affordability, and durability. These tiles range from 15mm to a huge 60mm thickness for the heaviest of weight lifting sessions. They feature ultimate sound insulation, shock absorption, and non-slip safety for a range of training capacities.


Home fitness all starts with your home gym flooring. If you’re looking to lift weight and make some serious gains, you need a safe foundation for exercise. You have several options from a huge 60mm AntiShock tile to an easy to install self-locking fitness tile. By investing in high-quality, durable and long-lasting materials, you can create the best home gym for your needs. 

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December 01, 2021 — Katie McKay