Sprung Rubber Horse Stable Mats

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The comfortable and non-slip features of these 30 mm outdoor rubber mats make them the ideal choice for horse stalls/stables.  

The advanced design of these rubber mats give your stall floor an additional layer of comfort and safety as well as providing an additional insulation layer on the concrete floor. With maximum shock absorbency, the mats are easy to install without the need for any professional help or fitting assistance. 

These outdoor mats are designed to withstand all weather conditions, intense sunlight and feature an under-structure self-drainage channel to prevent excess moisture build up. Made to last, the 100% recycled rubber is eco-friendly, heavy-duty and has excellent durability.

In terms of maintenance, the mats can easily be hosed or wiped down and are resistant to spillages, stains and moisture. 

Our range is available in three playful colours - Red, Black and Green.


    Anti-slip and UV-resistant surface for all weather use

    Simple assembly

    Easy maintenance and cleaning

    Ultra durable

    Colours: Black, Red, and Green


    500 mm x 500 mm

    Thickness: 30 mm 

    Size tolerance length: +/- 2%

    Size tolerance thickness +/- 4%