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Sprung Life Newsletter - 26th July

Michael Geraghty |

Sprung Life Newsletter - 26th July
Tweet of the Week: From @GlobalActPlan - an inspiring narrative by  young ambassador Advait Kuravi on a transformative moment that sparked his passion for improving sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices across schools
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Workout:  30 Min Full Body Workout HIIT Workout with Juice & Toya
This knee-friendly (no jumping) HIIT session is quick, explosive and loads of fun!  
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Dose of Inspiration: 

If you only have one job to do today, make it being Happy.png
Spotted on Instagram: This fit 58 year old @calisthenics_network0 nails this mean bar challenge matching his 18 year old component! #ageisjustanumber
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1. Recipe: These refreshing and energy boosting smoothie recipes from @nikkisharp reduce cravings, increase vitality and are completely low-fat.  We love the Ginger Beet for a zesty morning pick-up.
2. Protein: Best Low-Fat Easy-Blend Protein Shake - My Protein Milk Protein is perfect for delicious, quick, super low-fat, low calorie shakes while gently promoting muscle management and growth.  Try Chocolate Smooth £54 for 2.5kg 
Find out everything you need to know on this latest workout trend dominating our feeds
What are We Listening To?: Barbeque Bangers by Ryan Cooper - Spotify.  This eclectic mix of summer tunes has a little bit of everything from indie and classic faves to pop and r&b.  
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Share your Gym Space: Reds Gym has it all.  A fully equipped space with premium kit including state-of-the-art Nautilus and Watson machines, vibrant and energetic atmosphere and sports/fitness massage on site.  What's not to love.
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