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Sprung Life Newsletter - 28th March 2024

Michael Geraghty |

Sprung Life Newsletter - 28th March 2024

Quiz Question: What is it called when your body converts fat into energy?


(Win a FREE Sprung Mug/Water Bottle and Resistance Band set by sending us your answers to info@gym-flooring.com)


Spotted on Socials: 

This is how you nail the muscle shuffle - watch @trevor_stuart go! 😂

Screenshot 2024-02-05 11.08.32.png


Top 3 Kettlebell Exercises to Burn Fat from Xn8Sports  - a quick-read blog on the 3 best Kettlebell exercises for targeting fat-burn and how you can build them into your workouts.


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Dose of Inspiration: 

Inspo quotes (17).png


1. Recipe:  

Cous Cous & Harissa Chicken Broth by HipandHealthy - an enriching chicken broth with North African spices for a filling and naturally low-fat lunch or light dinner.


2. Fashion: 

We love this Unisex Gym Holdall from Under Armour (£29.50) that fits everything you need for a workout without the usual squash.  Lightweight and compact, it's easy to carry and fits nicely into a gym locker with no fuss.  What's not to like?


3. Tech: 

Imagine being able to check your Glucose levels and alter your daily habits to lose weight, increase energy levels and get better sleep.  A new metabolic retraining device 'Lingo' does just that and more.  It's a biowearable tracker that monitors glucose levels with actionable tips on avoiding spikes and dips so that users can make small adjustments at exactly the right time for optimal results. 


What are We Listening To?: 

68 energising hits for a workout win with Workout 2024 (Spotify)

Screenshot 2024-02-05 14.22.34.png

Share your Gym Space: 

Where?: Manchester
Decor: Dark Red Dungeon vibes 
Equipment: Massive weights selection, bikes, treadmills and HIIT accessories 
Other Features: Fuel Bar

We Love: They have a 'Hell Week+' challenge which means completing 10 gruelling Bootcamp sessions over 14 days (sessions 55 mins!) 🔥🔥🔥

gym spaces for newsletter (11).png

(Each week we highlight an inspiring Gym Space to spark ideas for your Fit HQ, send us your Inspo!)



Get your garden space prepped and ready for a Spring/Summer of Workouts with our Outdoor Tiles offer.  Available in 30mm and 40mm thicknesses, our popular range comes in 3 colours and can be used for the following:

  • Outdoor Gyms 
  • Workout Spaces
  • Support for Rigs & Equipment
  • Bootcamp Classes 
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Send us your Favourite Recipes, Workouts, Playlists and Recommendations and we'll feature you in our Newsletter with a 50,000 + following.


Check out this Spare Room Gym conversion on  TikTok

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