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Weightlifting Platforms

Weightlifting Platforms

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Weightlifting Platforms for Optimised Olympic Lifts

Lifting platforms not only look fantastic in your home or commercial gym, they are designed to optimise your lifting technique and master your foot position for top performance.

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Our lifting platforms are made with robust engineered wood and durable, shock absorbent 30mm rubber pads to deliver maximum protection and comfort whether your a professional weightlifting pro or a powerlifter in training.

The slip resistant and ultra level surface allows for precision and control when performing deadlifts and other weightlifting workouts while reducing sound and vibration. Likewise, our lifting platforms protect your gym equipment and flooring as well as minimising the risk of injury.

Who uses a Lifting Platform?

A lifting platform is a key piece of gym equipment for serious weightlifters, crossfitters and heavy dead lifters who require additional protection for their flooring and equipment such as weight plates and bumper plates. Platforms are used for competitive and professional weightlifters and powerlifters who benefit from a dedicated station where they can practice and prepare themselves for competitions and events.

What are the main benefits of using a Lifting Platform?

There are a number of benefits of a gym platform when weightlifting. Platforms create dedicated zones in a gym which separate it from other activities making the use of heavy equipment such as weight plates, barbells and gym racks much more compact and safe. It gives lifters the adequate space to perform lifts safely and without distraction.

The non-slip surface and protective rubber flooring pads mean weight drops will not cause slips, accidents or damage to gym equipment or the flooring below. Similarly, the durable surface can withstand repetitive impact and the toughest of workouts, with a lifespan of 15 years +.

Gym flooring is often used through out a gym, with platforms for additional protection and noise reduction. The extra layer reduces noise and vibration from weights being dropped to the ground.

Having a platform stand to master your form and footwork is the best way to elevate your technique and develop proper skilled Olympic lifting. The standard sizes available help you to measure your stance, perfect your position and take your performance to the next level.

A lifting platform can be customised to include a brand logo or club colours and are available in various designs to suit your personal tastes. Professional and aesthetic, a platform solution will finish off any home gym or commercial space to perfection.

Gym platforms are a valuable piece of kit that can be easily assembled. Plus they serve as a good anchor for gym rigs. If you don't want to nail your rack to the floor, a power rack can be nailed directly to your platform creating the ideal lifting set-up that is stable and fully supported.

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Did you know? We also offer Anti Shock gym flooring for heavy lifting. Choose from thickness starting at 40mm to 60mm for olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and all high impact training.


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