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5 Home Gym Styles - Gym Flooring Customer's Feedback

5 Home Gym Styles - Gym Flooring Customer's Feedback

Katie McKay |

The home fitness market is booming. With rising awareness of health and fitness, more people are creating personal fitness spaces at home and work. Before the coronavirus pandemic, some people worked out at home, but most would fit in the gym around the workday. Now, a new sense of flexibility and convenience is apparent. A personal fitness space and home were once seen as a luxury. Nowadays, a home fitness space is a necessity that helps you stay fit and healthy while coping with the stress of everyday life. 

In this article:


  • Benefits of Home Gym Spaces
  • Basic Requirements of a Home Gym
  • 5 Home Gym Styles 
  • Create a Home Gym on Any Budget  

Benefits of Home Gym Spaces


Since March 2020, just over half of UK consumers have done some sort of home workout. A large chunk of those doing home workouts, plan to continue well into the future. With more people working from home at least part of the week, home gym spaces will only increase in popularity. It’s clear that fitness is good for mental wellbeing and physical health. 

A huge benefit of a home gym is that there is no commute. You can squeeze in a quick workout in between Zoom meetings or head straight to the gym as soon as you finish work. There’s no need to sit in traffic or waste time commuting as you can integrate a gym space into your home layout.

Your home gym could be a purpose-built outdoor garden gym, or it could be a few dumbbells in the corner of the living room. You can create a fitness space for your needs with a little or big budget. 

If you’re on the fence as to whether to create a home gym, other benefits include:


  • Eliminate hurdles to exercise 
  • Save time and skip the travel 
  • Complete freedom to exercise whenever you want 
  • Get privacy when you exercise 
  • The whole family can join you 
  • Pandemic-proof fitness space
  • Design your gym to your personal taste 

Basic Requirements of a Home Gym


The basic pieces of equipment for a home gym can look a little different depending on your overall fitness goals and space. But, in general, you can invest in a few essential pieces of gym equipment to create your home gym. What’s great about a personal workout space is that you can build it slowly. By investing in pieces of equipment and buying home gym upgrades slowly, you don’t need to have one big outgoing.

Here are some of the basic requirements of a home gym:


  • Dumbbells and Kettlebells - small pieces of equipment that add versatility to workouts. 
  • Home gym flooring - strong gym flooring needs to be shock absorbent and non-slip. 
  • Barbell and weight plates - essential pieces of equipment for strength training 
  • Jump rope - a portable and affordable way to get your heart pumping. 
  • Resistance bands - small bands ideal for starting resistance training. 
  • Workout bench - a bench is a good option for weight lifting and strength training.  

5 Home Gym Styles

When you think about home gym styles, there are a vast amount of options. Every person has their own unique style and taste. A massive benefit of a home gym is that you can put your mark on it. You can tailor it to your own style and make it work perfectly for your workout and fitness goals. We look at real home gym’s from our customers who share their thoughts on home gym styles. 

1. Classic Spare Room Home Gym


"We decided to get the Gym Flooring mats for peace of mind that we were not doing any potential damage to ourselves with our home workouts, and the difference has been amazing. This has also helped to visually transform the space into an area that feels totally prioritised to health and fitness. Now that we have optimised this home workout space, we won't be rejoining a public gym, which saves us time and money in membership and travel in the long run!"



50mm Sprung Antishock Tiles

"Received good delivery, fixed a rubber floor in my flat so i can have some nice gym sessions with no bothering the neighbours, thick floor and very strong, highly recommended."

2. P.T. Studio


20mm Sprung HD Tiles

"Here is my workout space. We have built it down the end of our garden, and with lockdown encouraging people to go online, it seemed like the perfect time to build a designated area for this. I was previously based in our attic, so for me, this space is a dream. Gym Flooring has been so worth it and gives that elite touch that clients love."



3. Garage Gym

"Converted our garage due to covid, price of gym memberships and being able to fit it in any time of day. My family has some mental health issues, which the gym really helps with. So to have this on our doorstep is just amazing. Thanks so much!!"




4. Basement Gym

15mm Sprung HD Rubber Tiles

"Having an adequate and suitable space to perform my workouts has meant that I am able to really make optimal use of my training. I am passionate about space that I have created and always eager to get the chance to use it every day."



5. Summerhouse or Garden Room Gym


20mm Sprung HD Rubber Tiles

"Since we are new parents travelling to a gym isn't practical anymore, so we converted our old garage into a gym, and it's perfect since we can use it in-between naptimes and can maximise our time working out without having to travel."



Create a Home Gym on Any Budget 

From a personal workout space and garage gym to a home gym for personal training clients, a home gym can serve many purposes and functions. The bottom line is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money or time creating a great home gym space. Yes, you can spend thousands. At the same time, you can spend very little and still build a perfect home workout space. By investing in the basic requirements and thinking creatively about the space available, you can build a home gym on any budget.

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