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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Commercial Gym or Workout Space

Katie McKay |

Upgrade your commercial gym

Fitness is an important part of healthy living. With a renewed focus on health and fitness, consumers are seeking more ways to stay fit. Getting in shape and keeping fit can be tough. By upgrading your commercial gym, you can make that process easier and attract more members through the doors. Keep reading to find out why you need to upgrade your gym and the six ways to take your fitness facility to a different level

In this article: 

  • Why You Need to Upgrade Your Gym 
  • 6 Ways to Upgrade Your Commercial Gym

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Gym 

Upgrade your commercial gym


Throughout the Coronavius pandemic, many people have started to realise the importance of a strong immune system and good health. There is a new value on being physically and mentally fit. As COVID-19 restrictions ease and more of society opens up, people are looking for a gym that caters to their needs. 

Your gym needs to provide a superior member experience to beat out the competition. Your equipment should be well maintained, and the facility should be super clean and allow for social distancing. When you upgrade your gym, you’re not only attracting new members but increasing existing member retention and loyalty. 

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Commercial Gym

Upgrade your commercial gym


By upgrading equipment or updating your interior, it can lead to several fitness brand benefits that can drive revenue and increase your customer base. Here are six ways to upgrade your commercial gym.

1. Upgrade Your Equipment

Upgrade your commercial gym


When updating your commercial gym, a great place to start is your gym equipment. Equipment should be well maintained and provide the right level of member experience. Your equipment should support the needs of your members and increase workout versatility. Having the ability to switch up exercise variety can help to keep motivation levels high. Try adding hex dumbbells and bumper plates to your training repertoire. 

Upgrade your commercial gym

2. Add a Functional Training Area

Upgrade your commercial gym


If you can increase versatility and create training areas that allow members to perform different exercises, it can be hugely beneficial for membership retention. Adding a functional training area also attracts personal trainers who wish to use your gym for clients as it provides a new level of training. Gym Turf adds a splash of colour and is specifically designed for functional training. Think tyre work, plyometric movements, and sprinting. Gym Turf is extremely durable and uses short artificial grass fibres. 

3. Add a Sprint or Sled Track

Upgrade your commercial gym


Sprint or sled tracks with markings are designed for sprinting and sled pulling. Adding sprinting and sled pulling to your workout is hugely beneficial. Cardiovascular exercise is ideal for increasing stamina and burning plenty of calories. You can add your own branding and markings to a sprint track so that it perfectly aligns with your decor. 

4. Use High Quality Interlocking Gym Flooring

Upgrade your commercial gym


A professional gym facility needs high quality gym flooring to support its members. Try using interlocking gym flooring and commercial fitness flooring to upgrade your foundation. The Konnecta range features a unique self-locking installation process. This makes it easy to install while offering maximum structural support. It’s ideal for high impact exercise and looks fantastic. 

5. Mix Up Your Gym Layout With Workout Zones

Upgrade your commercial gym


If you’re looking for a way to segment your gym, whether it’s to create workout zones or allow for social distancing, fitness flooring is a great way to switch up your gym layout. Workout zones make it easy to break down an exercise routine into parts. Members can then make their way through your workout zones and challenge themselves. You can easily add workout zones to your gym layout with coloured tiles or gym flooring rolls. If you’re using different types of flooring to create zones, just make sure that any seams are flat to avoid tripping hazards. 

6. Use Easy Maintenance Flooring & Equipment


No matter how you plan on upgrading your commercial gym, it’s important to consider maintenance. Whether it’s your gym equipment or flooring, maintenance is key to creating a consistent member experience that encourages customers to come back again and again. The Sprung Gym Tiles are a good choice as they are easy to maintain and are the ideal combination of affordability and durability. The tiles are available in a range of thicknesses from 11mm to 60mm. 


The fitness industry is highly competitive. To come out on top and beat out the competition, you need to innovate and use the latest technology. From your gym flooring to your equipment, it’s important to help your members have the most effective workout when they visit you. Even though the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted gyms and fitness studios, investing in your business to provide a better experience for your members puts you a stronger position for the future. 


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