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Our Best-loved Commercial gym tiles , Mats and Rolls

Richard McKay |

Commercial gym tiles

If you ask any gym-goer what they love about the gym, the gym matting will likely not be the answer. Most people don’t even think about what’s under their feet. But, gym matting is the most utilised and most underappreciated piece of equipment in the gym. Although gym matting isn’t the exciting part of building a commercial gym, it’s a crucial part of creating a safe environment for members. It’s important to choose gym matting that can handle everything you do. Keep reading to find out six of the top options for commercial gym matting. 

In this article: 

  • How to Choose Gym Matting for Commercial Gyms
  • 6 Options for Commercial Gym Matting

How to Choose Gym Matting for Commercial Gyms

Commercial gym tiles


Inadequate flooring is one of the biggest and costly mistakes you can make when developing a commercial gym. It’s the same as investing in inferior fitness machines and equipment and results in a poor member experience. Gym matting should support users joints, absorb shock, and enhance fitness performance. 

When choosing gym matting for commercial gyms, there are several factors that you need to consider. Unlike home gyms, your flooring will experience considerably more traffic and moisture. When you have a large number of people sweating through a workout, there will naturally be higher moisture levels in the air. 

Commercial gym tiles

Your gym matting needs to cope with a lot. From heavy machines and constant use to sweat, spillages, and noise, you need something to handle whatever you throw at it. Naturally, a commercial gym flooring needs to be super durable and have a longer lifespan than your standard home gym matting. 

Commercial gym tiles

The best gym matting solution depends on your space and type of use. Are you looking to create a free weights zone within your gym? Or maybe you want to install new gym matting over the entire floor to upgrade your existing setup? By figuring out your needs, you can then choose the best solution for your gym and members. 

6 Options for Commercial Gym Matting

Commercial gym tiles


There are various gym matting materials to choose from for commercial gyms. Often, finding the right gym matting can be a frustrating task. Here are six of the top options for commercial gym matting to make finding your new gym flooring easier. 

1. Rubber HD Gym Mats

Commercial gym tiles


The Sprung Rubber Heavy Duty Gym Mat is ideal for all training and delivers excellent shock absorption. If you’re looking to install a free weights area for high impact weightlifting, this tile range starts from 11mm right up to 60mm. These mats feature non-slip, sound insulation properties and are easy to maintain, ideal for commercial fitness settings. 

2. Coloured Gym Mats

Commercial gym tiles


If you want to add a splash of colour to your gym, the Sprung Colour Gym Mat range is suitable for all gym users. These fitness tiles are perfect for creating fitness zones within a commercial gym. The gym mats come in six different colours, giving you the option to create up to six different workout zones. For high impact exercise and free weights, these mats offer great shock absorption and slip resistance. 

3. Puzzle Tiles

Commercial gym tiles

Rubber tiles in Puzzle format are a great option for adding pattern and colour to your gym space.  Available in different thicknesses, Puzzle tiles are best suited to functional fitness areas and are simple to install.  The tiles connect like a jigsaw so can be installed without a specialist fitter.  Again, rubber is a ideal surface material for commercial gyms because it is moisture resistant and easy to clean.

4. Fitness Matting

Commercial gym tiles


Sprung rubber fitness rolls are suitable for various activities like yoga, cardio, spinning, fitness studios and aerobics. Fitness rolls create a uniform and very clean finish. Rubber rolls can support your sub-floor in heavy machine areas and cope with free weights training. 

5. Self-Locking Gym Matting

Commercial gym tiles

For a combination of easy installation and maximum structural support, the Konnecta Self-Locking Fitness Tiles are a great solution. The gym mats feature an innovative self-locking mechanism that makes installation very easy. At the same time, they offer support for high impact activity and are a perfect fit for any modern fitness studio. 

6. Anti-Shock Mats

Commercial gym tiles


For hardcore weight training and Olympic weight lifting, the Sprung AntiShock Gym Mats go up to a whopping 60mm thickness. Beginning at 40mm, these mats are ultra durable and affordable while offering a high-quality flooring solution. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you opt for rubber fitness rolls or self-locking gym matting, it’s essential that you do your research. Installing the incorrect gym flooring can be a costly mistake. By evaluating your needs, space, and requirements, you can find a commercial gym flooring solution that perfectly supports your members and lasts for years.  

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