5 Features Every Commercial Gym Should Have

Whether you’re opening a new gym or upgrading your existing facility, there are certain must-have features that every commercial fitness setting needs. By understanding your space, you can create a layout that works for your members. The right combination of features elevates member workouts, while variety boosts fitness motivation and encourages progress. 

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How to Upgrade Your Commercial Gym 


As a gym owner, you need to maintain high-quality equipment to meet expectations and keep up with the competition. Whether you need to replace old gym equipment or create more variety in your workouts, you can find ways to upgrade your commercial gym.

More and more people understand the importance of regular exercise. While home fitness has increased in popularity, a lot of people love to work out in a gym. It helps to improve accountability and motivate you to exercise. Consistency is vital to exercise and seeing results. By giving your members the ability to work out a variety of muscle groups, you can help users to see results and increase loyalty. 

5 Features Every Commercial Gym Should Have 


The key to choosing the right features is understanding the space you have available. It’s important to plan your gym layout before you invest in any new equipment. In general, the best gym layouts are the ones that have enough space to separate different workout areas into zones. Here are five features every commercial gym should have. 

1. Crossfit Zone


Standard equipment for Crossfit include kettlebells, bumper weights, barbells, and medicine balls. A Crossfit zone needs to have a strong foundation for exercise. Thick rubber flooring is essential for this part of the gym. As members will be dropping weights and using equipment, you need the right flooring to protect the subfloor and gym equipment. 

2. Sled Track


A sled track or sprint track is a perfect addition to any commercial gym. It adds another level of versatility of training to your facility. Sled tracks are perfect for tyre work, plyometric movements, lunges, and rope pulls. The flooring offers an optimal grip for sprinting with excellent shock absorption and resilience. 

3. Free Weights Area


A free weights area is a must-have zone for almost any gym. Many people go to the gym for a range of weightlifting equipment. Free weights equipment is suitable for different fitness abilities, from bodybuilders to entry-level gym-goers. Your free weights flooring should be thick enough to handle the heaviest of weightlifting sessions. The Antishock range of Sprung Gym tiles range from 40mm to 60mm Rubber Gym Tile and are perfect for your free weights area especially if you plan to use heavy olympic weights. 

4. Cardio Equipment


For members looking to increase fitness, no doubt they will be expecting some form of cardio equipment. Some of the best cardio equipment at the gym includes a treadmill, rowing machine, stair climbers, and indoor stationary bikes. 

5. Functional Training Area


Functional training tends to involve more bodyweight exercises, like planks, situps, and pushups. Functional training refers to exercises that help you to perform activities in everyday life. To perform these types of training, you need the space for members to carry out bodyweight exercises. For this area, you need a good amount of space not cluttered with any gym equipment. The 20mm Sprung Premium Colour Gym Matting is suitable for functional training and adds a splash of colour to your facility. 

A commercial gym should have several features to support members and promote great results. You need to stay ahead of the competition and create a fitness facility with plenty of versatility. From a free weights area to the right cardio equipment, you can support your members and boost motivation. 

August 09, 2021 — Michael Geraghty