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How Do Interlocking Outdoor Tiles Work ?

Katie McKay |

Interlocking outdoor tiles

Interlocking outdoor tiles are a simple and effective way to create an outdoor fitness or play area. The multipurpose tiles are easy to install and come in a range of colours. Keep reading to find out how interlocking outdoor tiles work and how you can use them in your next project. 

In this article:

  • What are Interlocking Outdoor Tiles?
  • 3 Benefits of Interlocking Outdoor Tiles 
  • 3 Ways You Can Use Interlocking   Outdoor Tiles 

What are Interlocking Outdoor Tiles?

Interlocking outdoor tiles

As the name suggests, interlocking outdoor tiles are designed for the outdoors. Using a premium HD non-slip rubber, the tiles contain UV particles to withstand all weather conditions. Because the tiles have maximum shock absorption and non-slip properties, they are suitable for a range of uses where you need a safe and robust foundation for outdoor fitness or play. 

The interlocking outdoor tiles are available in two thicknesses and three colours: black, green, and red. What’s different about these tiles from other standard outdoor surfaces is the simple interlocking installation. The rubber interlocking outdoor tiles come with dowels so that they can slot easily into one another. The interlocking dowels not only make the installation process simple but provide complete stability.  

Interlocking outdoor tiles

3 Benefits of Interlocking Outdoor Tiles 

If you’re looking for a flooring solution for an outdoor project, you need to look for qualities that mean the surface can withstand the changing weather. When choosing a surface for play or fitness, you need to match your needs to the flooring. Here are three benefits of interlocking outdoor tiles. 

Simple Installation 

Interlocking outdoor tiles

A huge benefit of these tiles is the simple installation. The interlocking outdoor tiles come with dowels allowing them to interlock easily together. Easy and simple installation is an attractive quality when it comes to fitness flooring. 


Interlocking outdoor tiles
Interlocking outdoor tiles

You can use interlocking outdoor tiles in a variety of ways. Due to the non-slip and high-absorption qualities, they will work in a patio area, outdoor leisure centre, fitness zone, or a creating children’s play space. When interlocking outdoor tiles are suitable for children’s play, they tend to be ideal for such a vast range of purposes. If you’re looking to create a space with plenty of functionality, interlocking outdoor tiles are a great option. 

Ultimate Protection and Durability 

Interlocking outdoor tiles


Protection, durability, and stability are essential when finding a good outdoor surface. The premium rubber material means that the tiles offer ultimate protection from the elements. They are designed to be ultra-durable as well as easy to maintain and clean. The anti-slip and UV surface means it can handle any weather from rain and wind to sunshine and cold temperatures. 

3 Ways You Can Use Outdoor Tiles 

Depending on how you plan on using your outdoor space, interlocking rubber tiles for outdoors suit a range of purposes. Here are three ways you can use outdoor tiles in your next project. 

School Playground and Children’s Play Areas 

Interlocking outdoor tiles


These tiles are ideal for a school playground or outdoor children’s play area. When it comes to children’s play, you need to have a safe foundation that considers the potential for slips and falls. Children fall over easily and get scuffs and bruises. Outdoor rubber tiles help create a safe spot for play that minimises the risk of injury when children fall over. If you’re looking to install climbing frames, you must ensure that the flooring is thick enough for the play equipment’s height. 

Outdoor Fitness and Leisure Centres  

Interlocking outdoor tiles


Another way to use outdoor tiles is in an outdoor fitness setting or leisure centre. Leisure centres often need a space that is versatile so that you can perform different activities and sports. You could be holding an outdoor bootcamp class one afternoon and need a tennis or badminton court set up the next day. If versatility is a crucial factor in your flooring decision, interlocking outdoor tiles support various activities. 

Garden Patio and Outdoor Play 

Interlocking outdoor tiles
Interlocking outdoor tiles


Finally, outdoor tiles are perfect for your garden patio and outdoor play. This means you can create an area in the garden to sit with friends that also doubles up as a safe play area for children and the rest of the family. Again, if you’re looking to create a versatile space in your garden, outdoor tiles are ideal for elevating your outdoor space and crafting a safe zone for living, fitness, and play. 

Interlocking outdoor tiles are simple to install and will last for years to come. The multipurpose tiles suit a range of functions from outdoor play to leisure centres and school playgrounds. With easy assembly and the ability to withstand all weather conditions, interlocking tiles are a fantastic choice for your next outdoor project. 

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