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Why Interlocking Foam Mats Are The Best for Safe At-Home Workouts

Michael Geraghty |

couple working out on EVA foam tiles

While some people may prefer to go to the gym to get exercise, others find that working out at home is a more convenient option. One of the best ways to exercise at home is by using interlocking foam mats. 

These mats are easy to set up and provide a cushioned surface ideal for activities like yoga, pilates, lighter free weights and functional fitness.

This article will explore why interlocking foam mats are the best way to exercise at home. So if you’re looking for a comfortable, affordable way to get your daily workout at home, read on.

What is an Interlocking Foam Mat?

Interlocking foam mats are thick, durable foam tiles that fit together to form a comfortable and cushioned surface for exercise. The mats are made from a high-density foam material, which can provide ample cushioning for your body while you exercise. These mats also come in various colours and sizes with different texturised surfaces such as Tatami Baskeyweave, Crosshatch, Pebble for extra grip.


An interlocking foam mat is an affordable option for setting up a comfortable and stable surface for home workouts.  They are lightweight, easy to install and disassemble and are perfect for those of us with limited space.  The tiles can be disassembled and stored away when not in use or glued down as a permanent floor in a studio or home gym.

Area Application of Interlocking Foam Mats

Interlocking foam mats are a great way to exercise at home and can be used in various areas. Here are some of the best places to use them:

  • Aerobics/Zumba - These foam mats are ideal for aerobics and similar fitness classes. They provide a comfortable and supportive surface that absorbs the impact of the movements of aerobic exercises.

  • Commercial gyms or fitness centres - can be used in commercial gym spaces for functional fitness areas and studios

  • MMA and Boxing Gyms - foam mats are the chosen material for this type of discipline because of their resilience, traction and high cushioning properties

  • Yoga studios - For yoga lovers, interlocking foam mats are the perfect way to simulate a studio-like atmosphere. Not only will they provide an extra layer of cushioning and comfort that mat alone cannot give, but they also help keep you in position and prevent slipping and sliding. 

  • Home gym or workout rooms - Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or have an existing home gym, interlocking foam mats make the perfect flooring solution

  • Kids play spaces - foam tiles also provide cushioning and protection for kids play

These are just a few places where interlocking foam mats can come in handy. With their lightweight, modular design and easy setup, they are a great way to quickly create an exercise space that is both comfortable and safe.

Benefits Of Having An Interlocking Foam Mat

Interlocking foam mats offer multiple benefits for those who prefer to exercise at home. Here are some of the major advantages of using interlocking foam mats:

1. Looks aesthetically good

Having the right aesthetic can help make the home gym look inviting and comfortable for those exercising. Interlocking foam mats provide a visually appealing way to add colour and texture to your workout space and add your individual style.


2. Comfort level

Interlocking foam mats provide a cushioned surface to exercise on, making it comfortable enough for long workouts at home. It also provides shock absorption, so exercises involving impact are easier on the joints than working out on hardwood floors or carpets.

The material is gentle on the skin, so you can practice yoga or carry out Martial Arts training  without worrying about getting friction burn from a hard surface. The comfort and cushioning of the foam mats make it easier to focus on your workout and not be distracted by any discomfort or pain. These mats are also hygienic since they can easily be wiped down and sanitized.

3. Durability

Interlocking foam mats are designed to be durable enough to stand up to even the most rigorous workouts. They’re made from long-lasting, high-density EVA foam that won’t tear or rip, even with regular use. This means they’ll last as long as you need them, giving you the peace of mind that your mat won’t need to be replaced any time soon.

The durability of interlocking foam mats also makes them ideal for high-impact activities such as tumbling or jumping. The shock absorption of these mats helps protect your joints and bones from the stress that can come with these exercises.

4. Versatility

These mats are also extremely versatile. The mats can be used for both if you’re looking for a home workout area that covers cardio and strength training. They provide a great surface for bodyweight exercises like push-ups, burpees, lunges, crunches, etc.


And if you want to incorporate weights into your routine, you can use them for squats, deadlifts, and other weighted exercises. Versatility is important when considering the best way to exercise at home, and these mats won’t disappoint.

5. Portability

Another great advantage of interlocking foam mats is their portability. Unlike other exercise equipment that needs to be assembled, foam mats are lightweight and easy to carry around. You can easily bring them wherever you need them for your workouts or if you are a PT, different venues for various sets of clients.

As a result, you can enjoy convenient at-home workouts no matter where you go. The mats are also easy to store, so you won't have to worry about taking up too much space in your home.

6. Safety

When exercising at home, it is important to ensure that the environment is safe and comfortable. Interlocking foam mats provide a soft cushion for your joints as you exercise, reducing shock and strain on your body. They are also non-slip and will offer more secure footing than alternative surfaces.

7. Stability

While doing exercises like push-ups or burpees, the interlocking foam mats create a stable base and prevent injuries. They remain in position and will not slide around while you train avoiding accidents or disruption to your routine.

8. Noise reduction

Interlocking foam mats are dense and provide insulation that helps reduce noise levels when exercising. This is especially useful for people near their neighbours, as loud workout noises can easily travel and disrupt their peace. With these mats, you can exercise freely without worrying about making too much noise.


Noise reduction may also help with concentration while exercising, as it eliminates external distractions. Modular buildings, garages and summerhouses are some of the best places to install these foam mats, as it will help keep sound from traveling outside.

9. Easy installation and removal

One of the best things about interlocking foam mats is that they are easy to install and remove. You can easily lay them out on any surface in a few minutes and start your workout routine immediately. When you’re done, you can step away and remove the mats just as quickly.

This makes them a great choice for anyone who needs a quick workout or wants to move their equipment around easily. 

10. Water resistant

Interlocking foam mats are water-resistant and can be cleaned and wiped off quickly with a damp cloth or mop. This makes them ideal for use in spaces that may come into contact with moisture, such as commercial gyms and studios, garage gyms and basement workout spaces.


As you can see, interlocking foam mats are a great way to exercise at home. Not only do they provide a safe and comfortable environment for your workouts, but they also offer portability, noise reduction, and water resistance. With their easy installation process and versatility, it’s no wonder why these mats are the best way to get your workout in at home. 


Interlocking foam mats are truly the ultimate way to make the most out of your home exercise routine. They provide cushioning support and protective padding for you no matter what exercise you choose. The best part is that they’re affordable and easy to install, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank or taking up too much time. With interlocking foam mats, you can ensure that each and every workout is done safely, effectively, and comfortably. 

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