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Sprung Life Newsletter - 16th August

Michael Geraghty |

Sprung Life Newsletter - 16th August
Workout: The thing we love about this simple workout is the variety.  Fun and full of easy (but taxing!) moves, this one from Aesthetic Moves will keep you on your toes without any dull repeat sets.


Tweet of the Week:  Moral of the story - never let your wife buy you shirts 


Dose of Inspiration: 
Don't forget how far you have come..png

Spotted on Instagram: louisejourney2 shares some inspo on her amazing transformation between Legoland trips with her son


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1. Recipe: The Chilled Biscoff Bix from _yorkshirefitness looks delicious.  If you love a sweet breakfast this crumbly concoction is for you.
Screenshot 2023-07-12 10.14.26.png
• 3 Weetabix

• 200ml Almond Milk - unsweetened
• 200g Brooklea Protein Yogurt
• 1 Scoop @officialcnp Biscuit Peptide
• 1 x Mini Banana
• 25g blueberries
• 1/2 Biscoff / Caramelised Biscuit
• 1/2 Tablespoons Biscoff Spread
1) Crumble your Weetabix into a bowl and add in your milk, mixing together until a smooth texture.
2) add your yogurt and protein into a another bowl. Mix together then place on top of your weetabix, covering all areas.
3) set aside in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours or over night.
4) Add a crumbled biscuit around the edge of the bowl before adding on your sliced banana and blueberries.
5) Melt your biscoff spread in the microwave for 15-30 seconds until runny.
6) Drizzle the spread over the bowl, grab a spoon and dive in! Enjoy
Macros Per Bowl
Calories: 535
Fat: 8.4g
Carbs: 72.4g
Protein: 51g
Sugar: 6.3g

2. Book: Spoonfed by Tim Spector   £10.11 from Amazon
Reeducate your knowledge and mindset on food. Learn the myths and the truths behind nutrition, diets and weight loss in this on-topic book by Tim Spector 
Tech: Virtualgym launches a new AI digital coaching solution to create tailored based, personalised workouts for specific user


Share Your Gym Space: Jubilee Hall, London has that old-school gymnasium quality we all like a bit of.  With all its original architecture and building features including exposed brick walls, over sized windows and high ceilings, this fully equipped, luxury gym oozes classic style.

(Each week we highlight an inspiring Gym Space to spark ideas for your Fit HQ, send us your Inspo!)




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